1. R

    unlocking a locked pdf file

    hi is there any way to unlock a locked pdf file?? the file I am talking about has pictures in it and I cant export them. suggestions required :) :)
  2. T

    Pictures of DDR and DDR 2

    hi, can anyone show the pictures of DDR 1 and DDR 2 RAM modules. am just confused over this 1 and 2 issue. where does this difference actually lies. As am not that techno freak, i just want to make a solid differnce via look of it only, rest the system should take care of.... aken
  3. rakee

    Logitech clicksmart 510

    well igot my dirty hands on this cute works fine with much crisp picture quality when connected to the pc.i can take pictures videos from the same place. Now i gave it four aaa batteries and a 8mb smartmedia switched on and the displays mode....automatic...
  4. rohanbee

    What do you use your USB flash drive for?

    I dont know if this is the right section to post this, but anyways here goes. I always thought that the usb was a toy nothing more but ever since i used my friends usb for some urgent transfering of some files, i have been in love with it. Now even my 512mb seems small as i keep a lot of data...
  5. C

    Age Progression (The Easy Way)

    I am starting this thread in response to Vijay`s thread located at * .The thread is locked so i am unable to reply there. The easy way for Making Young people look old is by using the Image Morphing Tools like Morpheus or Fanta Morph. See the...
  6. K

    scanner and OCR

    I would like to buy a scanner. It should be used for the capacity of the paper size (with matters or pictures) beyond somewhat A4 size. Can you recommend me a good scanner. Moreover, we should have any OCR to scan the pictures or printed matter with a view to edit them or for any other purpose...
  7. kl_ravi

    Converting PDF files to MS word

    Hi friends, Is there any software to convert PDF files to MS Word format so that the existing layout, style, pictures etc remain intact. Thanks in advance.
  8. rajesh

    After AT and ATX comes BTX.

    After AT and ATX now comes BTX form factor. Currently it is supported only by Intel and not AMD. Read here for more news. * Some pictures as well. *
  9. P

    Opera What...?

    I recently installed Opera 7.54.I had Opera 7.24.But when I tried 2 open a website it said couldn't open do 2 proxy (something).But then I restored It back found ... That upper side has turned black and I can't see any menus. Man, I can't post pictures I believe (ctrl v is not worki')othwerwise...
  10. B

    How to store Pictures in MYsql

    Folks , How do i store pictures in MYSQL , plz give me step by step , as am very new to this Mysql.. so what i wanted to do is that , umm i wanted to store picture and description of the pic intodatabase and then show it in the form.. i dont mind if u make one for me .. thanks a lot ...
  11. S

    Samsung X430

    Is there anyone out there owning a Samsun X430 GPRS mobile phone? I need a data cable for it. Because I need to load polyphonic ringtones and pictures to it.
  12. I


    I'm at a total loss. Could some one explain to me the exact procedure to add an AVTAR to profile. Can it be done from pictures saved in my PC? :(
  13. H

    Pictures in "My Pictues"

    HI everyone... while browsing i save a lot of pictures and keep on saving them into various folders in "My Pictures" ( I'am on winxpSp1).Foldersi include personal, profressional, forwards and other pictures sergregrated accordingly.. My question is can i prevent certain folders inside "My...
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