1. N

    Suggestions on LG 49UF850T (4k+3D) ?

    I have been hunting for a 4k+3D tv with size less than 50". It seems this is the only model which has both 3d+4k at 49". This TV look very good in terms of the features and picture quality.. any owners here who can provide me an review abt this TV.....Suggestions/feedback from anyone on this TV...
  2. Zangetsu

    Two Kinds of People

    This is really excellent and just the picture speaks louder than words. 2 Kinds of People
  3. H

    EVGA 980ti Hybrid - Where to mount radiator in to "be quiet! Silent Base 800" case ?

    Hello, so where i can mount radiator in this case, i want to do here (in front) View image: asd but maybe somebody have picture where and how exactly ?
  4. sandynator

    VFM 22 inch Full HD IPS LED TV for Desktop PC & General TV viewing

    Guys is there any good VFM 22 inch Full HD IPS LED TV with picture in picture features so that I can access PC on half screen & kido can watch TV simultaneously on other half I guess I'm not asking for more.. Investing on new PC so this thought just came to my mind. Moreover may require...
  5. T

    A rare moment is too costly to waste on a traditional compact flash.

    If you are photographer or a videographer, you understand the importance of rare moments, and how capturing that moment your equipment is a tricky task. However, all these experience goes to dust if the quality of the picture or video taken is not good. Thus a professional to take those...
  6. adityak469

    Monitor Problem

    Yesterday at last i switched form my crappy CRT to a 23"" LED 1080p TV(using TV as monitor) but to my suprise, the picture quality was bad. I cant really describe it (will post pics soon) but the whole screen is too white(not bright), I cant even use 1080p on the TV(problem with GPU?) as the...
  7. Jaskanwar Singh

    Point & Shoot for 6k~

    Hi everyone, I just need a basic camera with nice day-light picture quality for around 6k. Waiting for suggestions. Thanks.
  8. kamikaz

    42 inch LED TV help me select

    Hey all Thinking about getting a 42 inch tv.. its mainly going to end up being just used for watching soap operas and the occasional movies from pen drive. and some sports footballl and cricket.. we dont really need anything fancy .. the features i would like are Good playback...
  9. S

    Dell vs AOC which one I should go with?

    Hello, I am looking to buy a new HD LED monitor for my desktop computer system and my budget is around 14k. I saw dell 24" HD Led which I really liked but some people suggested AOC as it is better than DELL picture quality wise. can I get 3D support with it at this price? and between AOC...
  10. K

    Dual-sim mobile with good camera clarity!

    Hi! I’m looking for a Dual-sim mobile with excellent camera picture quality;rather than camera resolution (MP) the picture clarity-detailing is more important for me. My budget is 16-18K. I have zeroed in on Panasonic P51. The other option is Xperia C –presently beyond my budget. I’m open...
  11. Subro

    Want to buy new plasma TV, help required

    Hey guys, I want to buy a plasma TV of 42 or 40 inches. Please help. Earlier I was going for a LED TV, but I after I got to know that the picture quality of plasma TV is better than LED, I have decided for plasma. What do you think guys? If for u plasma is OK, Then plz suggest. Primarily my...
  12. S

    Sony W800a 3D settings help required !!!

    Hey Guys, Proud owner of a 47"W800a. Pretty pleased with it. Have done my custom picture settings on it :) I just have one doubt and need some clarification. When i activate 3D on my TV, the picture settings that i made while watching 2D contents changes automatically. Is this...
  13. Ashish1@1

    Photoshop HELP !!

    HI there Even though i have so much of your tutorials I am not able to do some stuff Could you please help me with the Or tell me one of your gr8 tutorials to do it I wont to remove the people from this picture - goo.gl/KGBmR And insert my School Club in it - goo.gl/HiCf6 Thank you for...
  14. A

    how to back my pictures viewer to Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

    Hi guys i need help i just want to know how to back my pictures or images viewer to "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" before when i open my picture in my computer i view my picture using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer like this: but now when i double click my picture or when i open the...
  15. R

    Is Nikon P510 a good buy? or Please suggest alternatives..

    Hi, I am currently using cannon Sx100IS (8MP and 10X optical zoom).Nice camera..I like the optical zoom feature of this camera but its more than 5yrs old so time for an upgrade. I am attracted towards this camera for the 42X optical zoom feature but at the same time picture quality is very...
  16. J

    Creating an android app(business card reader app)

    Okay so I have this college project. I have to make an android app that clicks the picture of a business card and saves the information to the contacts list of the phone. Now I have figured out how to take the picture and make the app access the saved picture. But how do I retrieve the contact...
  17. emailvarunchandak

    no signature+avatar+profile picture for me?

    When will these get enabled for me ? I am sorry I didn't get anywhere to post this..!
  18. Flash

    Picture Your Number

    Picture Your Number [BANDWIDTH WARNING] Thought of making a forum game for fellow TDF'ers. Rules are pretty simple.. Just increment the numbers with the post above you, and reply it with a picture. Picture with the number don't have to show the number explicitly. But, the number should...
  19. TheLetterD

    46 Inch LED TV, Samsung vs LG vs Sony

    Hello! I need a 46 inch LED TV and my priorities are: 1. 1080p and 720p Picture/Video Quality 2. Reliability I DO NOT care about features like Smart TV internet connectivity 3D yada yada yada because Ill be connecting my HTPC to it. So, which one should I go for? LG , The Sony...
  20. amitava82

    [Query] 32 inch LED for gaming/PC monitor

    I really want a big screen for gaming (been using 22 inch LCD monitor for 4 years). I've been hearing that LED TV is not good for gaming in terms of Picture quality, AA etc. Can anyone with such setup give me some idea? I probably will be using 22inch when I'm sitting in front of the PC and 32...
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