1. sumit05

    i3 5th gen vs i3 6th gen

    Guys please suggest between these two laptop.Which one to pick. Dell Inspiron 3558 Notebook (5th Gen Intel Core i3- 4GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 39.62 cm(15.6)- Ubuntu) (Black) - Buy Dell Inspiron 3558 Notebook (5th Gen Intel Core i3- 4GB RAM- 1TB HDD- 39.62 cm(15.6)- Ubuntu) (Black) Online at Low Price...
  2. D

    Please help me pick one of these 27" monitors

    Every time I think of buying a monitor, I get confused amidst so many thoughts and models. However, this time I want to buy it within this month as I'm planning to donate my (very) old love 17" LG Flatron in upcoming social cause at my office. ===My Requirements=== SIZE - 27" Full HD PURPOSE...
  3. V

    LG 42LN5710 vs Samsung 40F5500 - Pick one

    Hi, Confused between these two LG 42LN5710 vs Samsung 40F550 Almost same price, same size, same features... Which one would you pick? Thanks
  4. P

    BSNL miss call messages

    My father called by brother, who is in hostel, and he could not pick up the call,,,,, it means that it becomes a miss call..... later my brother gets message.....it says that:- you have one miss call for this no....940xxxxxxx and again next day he gets the same message..... its...
  5. Gollum

    Rocksmith 2014 progress report

    Its day 2 and all my fingers are sore. 3 cords are burnt into my mind and i can shift between them. E5, A5 anf F5. F5 is the hardest to play so far. i have learnt how to strum, hold a pick, tuning, and shifting. trying to build my muscle memory and learning how to move my fingers along the frets...
  6. S

    Web Data Extractors

    Can anyone suggest me some good data scrapping tools to compile large amounts of data from websites?? I tried mozenda but i does not pick up data from certain points !!
  7. M

    huwai e3131 b vs airtel huwai e1731

    I am confused to choose between two. e3131 @1950 attracting feature is 21 mbps airtel e1731 @1200 -7.2 mbps I resides in North U.P near delhi and want to purchase a datacard according to scope of 4g in future.however someone suggested me to pick airtel because in future there would be good...
  8. P

    nvidia gtx 560 ti Vs saphire amd hd 7850; both are 1gb

    which is the better pick? I mean is the 560 worth the extra 2 K , or should i go for the 7850?
  9. X

    iPad Mini - Black or white?

    It may sound really simple, but it is jot when you are standing at the store, paying for one.. I will be reading a lot, books, magazines, websites, etc... So which one should i pick? White looks really cool...and I have had all black devices in the past... Would a white b different?
  10. bad_till_bones

    GSM + CDMA Mobile Set

    Hi guys, Please suggest me a good n cheap GSM + CDMA dual-sim mobile handset. Nothing specific, but I only need this - I should be able to switch calls. Like put the call on Airtel (GSM) ON HOLD & pick the Reliance (CDMA) one n vice-versa. And, if I am correct, this feature is called -...
  11. axes2t2

    Anyone wants 75% off steam coupon for Portal 2 ?

    If yay then put your steam names here and I will use the randomizer thingy to pick a winner.
  12. anikahead2010

    Which to pick?

    Which among these will do: 1>NZXT BETA EVO 2>NZXT GAMMA 3>NZXT Source 210 Elite The price difference is not so much.Please help. Also need a psu up to 4k? Where can i find GS600 for 4k? Every shop quotes it at 4.5k or more? Ty for all help. :razz:
  13. digit1191

    urgent $400 suggestion. buying tomorrow

    So , i have $400 to spend for CPU and GPU. It is going to be a gift from my cousin from US. I have to pick the parts.. So suggest a good pick please.. I was thinking 2500k from microcenter -- $169.99 and HIS 7850 (not IceQ) from newegg -- $239.99 ($229.99 after MIR) Total =...
  14. B

    where did i get bryerdynamic headphone in chennai?

    i want to upgrade my ipod earphone.i can pick beyerdynamic t50p.any beyerdynamic dealer in chennai
  15. vickybat

    Six Upcoming Shooters Which Look Better Than Killzone 3

    Killzone 3 is one heck of a graphical beast on the ps3. But some upcoming shooters claim that they have what it takes to go past killzone 3. Most of them are multiplats except one which is exclusive to the ps3 just like killzone 3. Source So guys, what would you pick? 1. Rage 2...
  16. S

    gaming laptops advice

    i want to buy a gaming laptop. my budget is 65k at most. please suggest. and what if i get a friend to pick one from the us, like an msi rig?
  17. asingh

    Sissy way to play FPS games

    So...many of us must have tried these tricks and tactics but never confess. Now is the time to own up. Guys this is more for fun, so please do not get emotional. Also, if someone is relating a new release gameplay tactic, use spoilers. Test 'em. My list: 1. Give all weapon codes. 2...
  18. R

    Upgrades Required - Motherboard and GPU

    Hello, I'm planning to upgrade my desktop to something a little more recent. I have an Intel core 2 duo E7400 processor, 4 GB of RAM, DG41TY Intel motherboard and a 22 inch BENQ monitor. I want to upgrade the motherboard and pick up a nice GPU which will allow me to play some games...
  19. Ronnie11

    Logitech x506 vs Logitech z506???

    Hey guys.i am a little confused as to which one to pick since they are priced quite closely,i heard the z model is the recent one...can anyone here help me pick up a speaker whichever is the best option..need to buy by tomorrow...
  20. shiwa436

    sabayon 5.3 linux need help

    A Complete newbie to Linux now with Mint10 julia Hi guys, just a few minutes back, i have a chance to get the Sabayan 5.3 linux distros provided with some magazine. it contains three image files of 654mb, 1.6gb, 1.7gb sizes. which one should i pick? and do I need any driver packages for sound...
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