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My father called by brother, who is in hostel, and he could not pick up the call,,,,, it means that it becomes a miss call..... later my brother gets says that:- you have one miss call for this no....940xxxxxxx

and again next day he gets the same message.....
its automatic,,,,, this sending of message......
how can i turn off this sending of automatic message, if someone does not pick up the call.....

My father has BSNL Postpaid plan...


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First of all let me clarify that SMS balance doesn't gets deducted from your dad's mobile. So it's not like that sms'es are sent automatically from your dad's mobile.

There is nothing you can do from your end. Your bro has turned on Missed Call alert, this thing helps to know if someone has missed any call if phone is turned off. Say I have this feature activated, and if my phone is on and you call me and I don't pick up then I'll get this alert, either way I'll come to know that I missed a call from the alert or screen notification, but this feature comes to help when say my phone is switched off and you call me, then I'll get this alert which will help me to know who has called me on that period of time.

These SMS'es are sent by service provider not the person who has called. And this feature needs around 30/- per month (For Vodafone), for BSNL it'll be around same charge. So your bro has this feature activated and he pays for this service may be because of his need.

If your bro also doesn't know about all these then may be service provider have activated this feature without his knowledge. If this feature is free for BSNL then it's fine, else you can ask your bro to turn it off if he doesn't need the feature ofcourse :)


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Missed call alert is free in bsnl. All you have to do is activate/deactivate call forwarding to +9117010 in your phone.

BSNL PLANS: How To Activate Miss Call Alert in BSNL
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