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  1. bssunilreddy

    Physx Card under 3.2k

    Hi, I want to enable Physx in nvidia graphics cards, So I want to buy a dedicated Physx card. I am opting for Zotac GT 610 2GB DDR3 GPU for my Physx card. Is it good or my present GTX 750Ti is more than enough for Physx needs. Please clear my doubts. Link:Amazon.in: Buy ZOTAC GT 610 2GB DDR3...
  2. bssunilreddy

    Is dedicated nvidia GPU for PhysX is needed when using R9 270X as main GPU???

    Hai, I want to know whether a dedicated nvidia GPU for PhysX is needed when using R9 270X GPU as games like Borderlands 2, Metro: Last Light, Batman: Arkham Origins, Witcher 3 and Assasins Creed 4: Black Flag are using PhysX.So I thought that Zotac GT 630 2GB Synergy Edition for 4k is...
  3. R

    Physx on AMD CARDS!!!!!????

    I have a very different type of question in my mind. We all know that nvidia has Physx in their cards to unload the pressure of physx calculation from the CPU and let it done by the GPU. And also that physx is technology by Ageia and it was bought by nvidia and this is fairly proprietary on...
  4. shuva

    Graphic Card buying advice

    I have a Gigabyte B75M D3H Motherboard now with Intel i3 3rd 320 Processor & 8 Gb Corsair Ram in my desktop PC.My GPU is GTX 650 at present.I want to Upgrade my GPU. My budget is strictly within 20000-25000 Rs(Nvidia Preferred).Plz advice.Also can the GTX 650 be used as a dedicated Physx Card in...
  5. vickybat

    Nvidia's New Fluid Simulation Algorithm Allows Realistic Water Physics

    People who are thinking nvidia's physx to be dead and defunct need to think twice. Its coming back even stronger than before with breakthrough advancements in real time physics effects. This new fluid simulation algorithm gives realistic water physics than any physics engine out there including...
  6. satyanjoy

    Physx on Gigabyte B75m-d3h

    Anyone tried adding a physx card (low or medium nvidia gpu) with this motherboard. This mobo has two PCIx16 slot - one running at PCIx16 and other one is PCIx4. I have a gtx 660, it will be cool if I can add a cheap nvidia card to do the physx.
  7. R

    Which GPU for physx

    My rig is in my siggy. I have ordered a 2560x1440 res 27 inch ips monitor.As 7970 doesn't have physx,I am looking for a cheap nvidia GPU to work as a physx card.It should be able to keep up with 7970 and let me play games with physx on high.
  8. amruth kiran

    Extra graphics card.

    I currently have a 9400gt 1 gb graphics card from nvidia and after two years now i am planning to upgrade my pc. I am thinking of a msi hd 6850. Can i couple my old card with this new one? I am seen some guys in the forum using these old cards are physx engines i guess. Some one care to explain...
  9. M

    Adding 550Ti for physx.. is it worth?

    i have an option of purchasing a used 550Ti for a reasonable price, presently am on msi GTX 570, i want to use the 550Ti for physX processing. On a Sabertooth,i shall be using on a 8x slot, the other 16x slot is free for a SLI config. some where later in time, i plan to purchase one...
  10. P

    Using 9800gt as physx

    Hi, I currently have 9800gt (out of warranty card). I basically play online multiplayer Battlefield 3 with 50-80 fps (resol - 1366*768). I am completely satisfied whith this card, but since its out of warrany this wont probably fetch Rs 2500 also. So I am waiting for new genration of Nvidia...
  11. fun2sh

    [Query] Enabling Physx on ATI CARDS ?

    Is it possible to enable Physx on ATI cards like 6770m. I mean only when ATI card is presnt. NO NVIDIA card present. I want to enable it on my HP DV6 6121tx Laptop, which has ATI 6770m Card (and ofcourse INTEL Graphics :P). I want to play games like BATMAN 1 n 2, etc which uses PHYSX...
  12. vickybat

    (CPU/GPU) Physics discussion thread

    Guys, i had thought of this thread a longtime & now i think is the right time. Several discussions emerging in different gpu threads somehow bring this point over and over again. Therefore here all physics engines starting from nvidia's proprietary physx to other engines like havok, bullet...
  13. C

    Crossfire or physx? with hd 6850...

    Hello digitians... My cousin wants to convert the pc to "dual gpu pc". She has Sapphire HD 6850 and a Msi e35-880gm and processor is phenom ii x4. Can this mobo handle 2 gfx cards? What should be done, physx or crossfire? Budget is 10-12k and this includes everything that needs to be...
  14. vickybat

    Nvidia Releases PhysX 3.0

    Physx code is now more improved and has support for multiple devices including pc's, consoles, tablets and smartphones ( nvidia is eyeing a large chunk in the tablet and smartphone market with its tegra II derivatives). Physx is now going to be even better and will have more support. Source.
  15. P

    Help out a n00b

    ok i have 2 zotac gtx 560 ti amp! installed in my new pc but i dont know if i should dedicate one to physx and let the other one run normally OR enable sli and let both of them do both rendering and physx OR let both run independently.... this is the first time i have 2 graphics cards so...
  16. M

    GPU for PhysX

    I have EVGA 9800GTX+ on my SLI-enabled MoBo. I am planning to add 9500GT (XFX) to it for use as dedicated PhysX card. Will this combination work for my purpose?
  17. mohityadavx

    ati gpu nvidia physx

    Hi! I have heard that nvidia physx card gets disabled when used with non nvidia gpu (or ati gpu ) is it true ? If yes do you think it is legitimate. Would you buy nvidia card even after hearing this.
  18. bssunilreddy

    PC Buying Suggestion for May 2011(Gaming Rig) - 50k

    I am from Hyderabad.I intend to buy a new gaming rig in May 2011.My Budget is Rs.50,000. But my rig has already is costing about Rs.56,180.Could the prices decrease to Rs.50,000 or not overall by May,2011. Please give any suggestions if possible. Also how can I connect the PhysX Card?.Should...
  19. 4

    ATi physx

    Does ati has a separate physx driver..if yes from where can i download it for my 4650 graphic card
  20. asingh

    ATI Cards and Aegia Physx

    Hi, I just installed Scorpion Disfigured on my system. Upon click, it asks for the Aegia Physx 2.7.3. This is not installed on my system. Any of you guys running a Aegia Physx game on your Radeons. I think Batman : AA, need it. What did you all do...? Will not the Aegia Physx drivers conflict...
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