1. R

    ADATA SP550 240GB SSD Review: Hitting the price-performance sweet spot?

    Introduction: ADATA have been pretty actively contributing to the SSD market and recently launch 3 new drives – XPG SX930, which is their performance high-end drive as well as 2 value drives – SP550 and SP560. Both of them use TLC NAND instead MLC NAND. The difference between the SP550 and...
  2. mikael_schiffer

    Headphones with Mic for DOTA gaming (Rs1k approx or lower)

    As the title says, need a decent headset with a mic for voice chat during DOTA gaming.. I would prefer if it was below Rs1000 but i can adjust a bit more if it really gives better performance.
  3. M

    PSU suggestion for my system

    Time has come to replace my aging PSU and I am not able decide on the capacity and model. My system is as per my signature attached to APC BR1000-IN UPS. I have tried various PSU calculators on the net and the suggestion has been from 450W to 650W (which is a wide range!!). I personally want...
  4. K

    Best Tablet < 10K ?

    Lenovo ,dell, asus ,Hp.... 2g and 3g internet connectivity... Good battery life , display, performance ... Plz suggest... with online links
  5. C

    Intel Skylake review Part 1 : feat. Core i7-6700K & ASUS Z170-A

    Adapting to Moore’s Law isn’t easy. Intel has been officially on their ‘tick-tock’ program since 2007 with a Tick being the advancement for manufacturing technology in accordance with Moore’s Law, while a Tock a new microarchitecture using the previous ‘tick’ cycle. Their release cadence in...
  6. B

    First DX 12 benchmark shows AMD beating the hell out of Nvidia!

    Ashes of the Singularity shows R9 290x to be as fast or faster than 980Ti in DirectX 12 DirectX 12 tested: An early win for AMD and disappointment for Nvidia | Ars Technica
  7. rakesh_sharma23

    ASUS EA-AC87 5 GHz Wireless-AC 1800 Review

    ASUS EA-AC87 5 GHz Wireless-AC 1800 Review This time I have the opportunity to review ASUS EA-AC87, a 5GHz wireless AC-1800 media bridge and access point. With the world’s first 4x4 MIMO antenna array wireless media bridge / access point capable of delivering 5GHz connection...
  8. CloudVII

    STRIX-GTX980TI-DC3OC-6GD5-GAMING Unboxing :D

    The beastly Asus STRIX 980Ti is finally here!! Below are some specs and High resolutions pictures ! Please have a look :D Specs- 1317MHz GPU boost clock in OC mode with 7200MHz factory-overclocked memory speed for outstanding gaming experience. DirectCU III with Patented Triple...
  9. P

    What is the best laptop brand around the world?

    Am just curious about what you guys think. What brand of laptop is the best for you?
  10. A

    best performance laptop in ₹60-65k

    I want to buy a well built performance laptop upto a max of ₹65k and will also need some gaming and should be used for day to day personal use please help
  11. C

    ASUS GeForce GTX970 STRIX OC Review : Strix on Maxwell v2

    The second generation of Maxwell has been a big market disruptor. While the bigger, faster GTX980 set the bar for how flagship graphics cards should perform, the second in line, GTX970 brought R9 290X level performances in sub 30K price point and in turn forced the camp red to push prices down...
  12. anmolksharma

    Guide: Which Smartphone to buy under budget of Rs. 20,000?

    A sum of Rs. 20,000 is a niche budget for majority of prospective smartphone customers to buy their phones who are either upgrading from their old smartphones or even those who are buying smartphones for the first time. As always is the case with smartphone market - it is flooded with models...
  13. R

    Need a max 50 inch HDTV.

    Budget 55k max. Please suggest. I would like low price & better features & performance.
  14. Cyberghost

    AMD Radeon 300 Series Pricing Confirmed – Very Aggressive Performance Per Dollar Focused Positioning

    AMD Radeon 300 Series Pricing Confirmed – Very Aggressive Performance Per Dollar Focused Positioning Pricing for AMD’s entire Radeon 300 series has been leaked and it’s showing major performance per dollar improvements across the board. Today’s leak is a little bit different, we’re bringing you...
  15. akii17kr

    Suggest an smartphone with Good Camera , Battery and Overall Performance b/w 5 Phones

    I have shortlisted 5 phones(Need SD CARD) out of which i want the smartphone with best camera/video quality , Battery backup , Overall Performance including Gaming. Budget is 13K max Please Suggest on the basis of your real usage not based on Tech Specs. Shortlisted Phones: 1)...
  16. S

    Zenfone 2 or mi4i

    1. Budget - ~15k 2. Display type and size- >=5inches. 3. Dual sim- Don't care, have a backup phone 4. Preferred choice of brand- None 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)- just good enough for normal usage 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone...
  17. rakesh_sharma23

    Corsair Hydro Series H80i GT CPU Cooler Review

    Corsair Hydro Series H80i GT CPU Cooler Review After the great success of its All-In-One (AIO) liquid cooler H80i, Corsair announced an updated version of H80i cooler with a new design and a higher efficiency radiator. The Corsair Hydro Series H80i GT, a high performance 120mm radiators...
  18. S

    GTX 550 TI to GTX 750 TI Performance Improvement

    Hi, I presently have a Zotac GTX 550 Ti. I am thinking of upgrading this to a GTX 750 Ti. I am not sure if the performance is worth it and if I will see major performance improvement. One website actually stated that the 550 would perform better than the 750 with high AA. Any inputs on...
  19. R

    Laptop with great battery, decent performance for less than 80k

    Hey, I need a laptop with great battery life (as close to the mac lines as we can get) and decent performance (at least Guild Wars 2 & League of Legends level). My budget is about 80k, and I'm definitely not going to import it. Do you guys have any recs? College starts next month and I need...
  20. S

    Please recommend a good x99 motherboard with provides most bang for buck

    As in title..i was looking up on making a gaming pc, iam considering to increase my budget to get x99 1. Whats the cheapest i can get one for 2. Whats the most value x99 (price to performance) i get one for 3. and how much difference will jumping from z97 to x99 will make Yes iam planning...
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