1. maninder4k

    Now what is lacking?

    My PC Configurations are as follows:- Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) 145 Processor, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.8GHz RAM: 3200MB as shown by Windows XP (Actually installed 2 RAM of 2 GB each of 1333 MHz) Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS (1GB DDR3) Harddisk: 78GB SAMSUNG SAMSUNG HD080HJ (SATA) (Will be...
  2. desiJATT

    How well will this game run on my Graphics Card.

    Graphics Cards Benchmarks By - Anmol Sharma I have seen many people on the forum who are in a dilemma on how well will their newly bought or yet to be purchased Graphics Card, perform in their favourite games. Most of the benchmarks are usually just a Google search away, but i wanted to...
  3. summers

    Confusion regarding CPU/MB

    Please suggest whether it would be advisable to go for FX-8120 with a suitable AM3+ 990 FX series Motherboard instead of Intel i5 2500K with Asus P8Z68-V MB. Is the price difference justified w.r.t to performance ..? My budget is overshooting, so was thinking of AMD combo. Would i face any...
  4. C

    ASUS P53E-S0101D Review

    Hello Guys, I am writing this review after using the laptop for 7days. Here is main ppoints i wanna discuss about this product. * Build Quality and Feel * Look * Performance * Display * Battery Life * Other Stuffs Specification: Processor 2nd Generation Core i5 Variant 2430M Chipset Mobile...
  5. B

    Z77 Motherboards

    Does anyone know when these Z77 boards are going to hit the market. Are they be able to run the sandy bridge cpus or they are specifically meant for the Ivy bridge cpus. Any information on price factor / performance?
  6. T

    System performance!!!

    Pals, needed to know how to increase my system performance. Without buying new system. Rig: AMD x3 - 2.3 3gb ddr2 250 gb seagate HDD . Usage: Photoshop cs2 - 14 hrs non stop. Options I think- 1. Setup raid 0. To boost system and photoshop performance. 2. Use ssd HDD as system cache disk...
  7. A

    Use of Integrated GPU when discrete card is opted?

    i had this doubt- people going for discrete card neither will need a integrated GPU in CPU or on Mobo. So why not release CPUs & Mobos without graphics processor with reduced prices, so that people who are able to afford discrete card can opt for it. why did mobos have IGPs in the first place...
  8. A

    HD 7690M or HD 6770M?

    I was looking over laptops and this is the matter of confusion for me atm.. hp envy has 7690 1gb card hp dv6-6165 has a 2 gig 6770 card... What would be the difference in performance...? How does gfx card memory affect performance...? Also i found that 7690 is basically a 6770 card w/...
  9. Faun

    Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB DDR3 RAM (CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9)

    1. Model number and details: CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9 2. Date of purchase: 02 Jun 2011 3. Reason for sale: Already have 8GB RAM. 4. Product Condition: Great 4. Warranty/invoice details: Corsair limited lifetime warranty (invoice included) 5. Expected Price: Rs 1100/- each piece (shipping extra as per...
  10. A

    **URGENT** Need USB WiFi N300 adapter

    Hey guys, I urgently need to buy a N300 WiFi USB adapter to use with my Flipkart: D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N ADSL2+ 4-Port Wi-Fi Router: Router It should have a good range and great performance and less than Rs.1500. Please help me out. I have read good reviews of the Flipkart: Asus USB-N13...
  11. deepak_ds

    A great laptop within 60-70k

    I want to buy a laptop which would be priced between 60-70k. It should be particularly focused on performance. Please suggest one. Would Macbook be a good option??
  12. iinfi

    Reliance 3G tab

    hi folks ... dont know whether this has already been discussed. has anyone used Reliance 3G Tab.any reviews? the specs look crap ..but how is its performance? thanks
  13. soyab0007

    Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO

    Planning to purchase used Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO A guy from other forum is selling for 5000rs How is the wm 6.5 performance, also is it possible to ported to android? Overall is it a good deal or not
  14. TheMost

    Poor performance with SG Note

    I Recently bought a SG Note and I was initially happy for 2 days ... Once i started customizing ... I started crying ... Very poor performance from my side after installing Golauncher EX,Handcent SMS etc... I can hardly scroll through the music menu after installing these .... So much of...
  15. Garbage

    Engineers boost AMD CPU performance by 20% without overclocking

    Source - Engineers boost AMD CPU performance by 20% without overclocking | ExtremeTech
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