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Update NOD32 offline

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First of all you need a PC with fully updated genuine licensed NOD32. In that PC, go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ESET.

Copy the folder updfiles to a pen drive or CD or whatever. On the target machine (whose genuine NOD32 is to be updated), go to the same path and replace the folder updfiles with the one in the pen drive or CD. Now open NOD32 from the taskbar, and click on "Update virus signature database". Voila, you're done.

@mods: Although I don't think there is anything illegal in this, but if you feel there is anything inappropriate in this post, please delete it.


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its totally legal posting this TuT , as u are posting a TuT for a Genuine licensed copy of NOD32.. :)

bt the fact is, many of us do not adn never use a licensed copy, its jus cracs and modded versions.. so this wont be applicable for a not-so-genuine copy..

cheers n e-peace...


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*ahem* Many pirates here. :D



And I have something to add on - copy the whole NOD32 directory at program files. Therefore you can be sure that your program get patched too.


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no point in discussing this TuT guys...

mods shud lock it...

coz, wen anyone needs legal updates for a legal NOD32, they will google it, infact it is already available on NOD's site.. :)


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Does this work with nod32 2.70.31? If yes, then can you please show me how it's to be done? I have one computer in the office with genuine nod32 2.70.31 with an internet connection and one at home without internet.


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@pupkin008, seems you have taken contract from the NOD32 to provide offline update in digit forum...No one have objection.
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