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lock pen drive

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i hv a 4gb kingston pendrive..
i want some piece of sftwre tht i can install in my pen drive which will protect my pen drive...protect as in...tht it should ask for a passwrd whenever it is inserted in any computer..!!




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Why can't u give the download source instead of that screwed up rapidshare link


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u are an experienced member of this forum.. please follow by the rules... (regarding posting of rapidshare links)..
please edit your post...



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^^ I dont think there are any rules regarding rapidshare links, they can be posted as long as the content is legal.

From the readme:

Device Locker - Version 1.00

This is the first version of device locker, by me "Burhan" created in "Microsoft Visual Basic 6".

This software does the following:

-Prevents the opening of the drive without a password.
-It takes care of all functions (open,explore,autoplay).

Features and explaination:

-Please DO NOT change the name of any file in this package, it is build like that to work.
-Put the "AUTORUN.INF" and "LOGON.exe" into the root of your PENDRIVE and it will start to work.
-The password for this software is hard coded and its "kingston" in small letters.
-The Software is ideal to use with a PENDRIVE but not may be with a harddisk.
-Do not run "LOGON.exe" before putting it in the root of your pendrive, because LOGON.exe is coded to HIDE itself as soon as it is ran, so for security.
-You have to hide AUTORUN.INF file in the root of your pendrive yourself. (future version will create and hide it itself).

Any comments or help needed, mail me at "burhangee@hotmail.com".
The software is freeware.


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@SUDE, i dont think it is illigal.
But you are more senior here than me and know more rules. So i have changed link.
Can you give me link of those rules?


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^^ Amir, its not in the rules. There's nothing against posting Rapidshare links. Its just that whatever you post, it shouldnt have illegal content. No problem here. If people still feel rapidshare = warez, then upload it in mediafire.com or mihd.net and let them download.

And btw, thanks for the software :)
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