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  1. N

    Are No-CD Patches Legal?

    i want a no cd patch for nfs carbon coz my cd is getting scratchy.don't wanna make an image.r no cd patches legal?can they be used on original games?and will the game run online after the patch?
  2. anandk

    Automatic Updates isn't the best way to protect yourself...

    ya ! automatic updates isn't the best way to protect yourself if you want the latest patches as soon as possible ! if u have automatic updates 'on', chances are high that ur pc may download and install, what are known as MS06-040 patches, immediately. however, automaticupdates may not start...
  3. pritish_kul2


    hey, where do get patches of NFSMW?
  4. S

    alien inside my monitor...HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

    when i rotate my monitor, patches of different colours appear on the monitor. the more i rotate, the more the colour patches. i dont know what is going on with it. i bought my computer only a month ago.maybe some kind of alien has gone inside. please help me . i know colour monitor is...
  5. ionicsachin

    Mera Bharat Mahaaan , per download speed kam

    Hello world, This is a request by one of the youngest readers of digit.This is Sachin. I just wanted to request team digit if they can include the game patches in their DVDs instead of repeating old stuffs. They can take up a game , eg Farcry, and give a complete review+patches+demo+mods...
  6. M

    Is somebody trying to hack my server ? Help Me

    Hi I am running a site through dynamic ip I noticed from some days that my server is getting Special arugment 2005-12-01 21:14:26 W3SVC7 GET /+ - 80 - HTTP/1.1 Mozilla/5.0+(Windows;+U;+Windows+NT+5.1;+en-GB;+rv:1.7.5)+Gecko/20041110+Firefox/1.0...
  7. nitish_mythology

    Hibernating Problems

    I have a cyrix 4 pc clocked at 735 mhz with 128 mb ram. I run win xp professional with sp-2. I have all the latest patches installed. Earlier I ran xp with no patches and the hibernating feature worked fine. After formatting pc when I hibernate the next time when I resume the mouse stops...
  8. S

    Burning a 800 MB CD

    Hello, I am new to this forum. Recently I have purchased 800 MB CD's. I have LG CD Writer. I was not able to burn a 800 MB CD using Nero 6.3. I experimented with most of the options but the last limit of MB that I can write is 703 MB. I also tried the latest patches from Nero.Do anybody...
  9. N

    New: Microsoft Patches Windows, IE

    Source: http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,122164,00.asp Three of six flaws called 'critical,' cover plug-and-play features, print spooler. Microsoft has released patches for six flaws in Windows and Internet Explorer, some of which could allow an attacker to gain control of...
  10. H

    GTA: TOI

    hey read todays TOI theres something on GTA.... does tht patch really on net... if yes then were to find such patches on there games also...
  11. R

    updates patches for fifa 2005

    hi there does anyone know if any updates or patches of fifa 2005 hv been released???
  12. fnatic@play

    OH YEAH.. MY UT2k4 demo is up on an Intl gaming site.. :D

    Hey ppl, heard o Cyberfight.org?? sure u should have... esp the really hardcore gamers... http://www.cyberfight.org/site/demos/18518/ check it out.. all who play UT... do comment... please. i use patch 3270 ..rest o req patches.. u can see on the page that opens up. please...
  13. KoRn

    quake 3 patches site

    hey guys could u tell me a virus and spyware free site where i can download quake 3 patches.and also tell me wat do patches actually do hee hee :oops: :cry:
  14. Q

    What Patches are 2 be applied to WinXp SP1/Sp1a/SP2

    I am a bit confused on this please help out I have Windows XP SP1 release but i dont use it as i fear of the threats that are cause problems. I have know about the problems caused by Blaster and Sasser. So used to access Net From my Win98SE even now i use Win98SE for Net Access...
  15. techno_funky

    **Microsoft Patch Day Next Week-13 Patches to be released**

    Microsoft are planning to release 13 patches next week according to the companies security bulletin advance notification service. The updates range from moderate to critical. 9 of the bulletins will effect Microsoft Windows and all 9 are critical. Other bulletins effect Microsoft SharePoint...
  16. K

    nLite Users for Slipstreaming help

    Hey guys... who have been using nlite .. i know how to slipstream SP2 via it.. can i use the same meathod to slipstream other downloaded updates patches ??? But if i try to do that it gives me options and a error box.. so i dont think it is possible with the software .. is...
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