alien inside my monitor...HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

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when i rotate my monitor, patches of different colours appear on the monitor. the more i rotate, the more the colour patches. i dont know what is going on with it. i bought my computer only a month ago.maybe some kind of alien has gone inside. please help me .
i know colour monitor is good but not this weird patches.


probably ur speakers are not magnetically shielded ... :neutral:

try to move them to see the effect ... and yes degauss the monitor


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u can call SETI then if u think it is really an alien !! well state ur problem in a simple way .... dont say like this


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AFAIK, this is a common problem with new monitors. try not to move the monitor once u place it in a given position. in case u have to rotate it. turn it off and on again (or alternately, try degaussing it) , and the colors will be reset.


Right off the assembly line
think u guys are right. its not alien but just some common prob. thanks for the reply and . and for clearing my alien doubt.
but what is degausting? .... :(

hey again. this time i'm damn sure . its an alien..........!!!!!!


i have the same thing with my monitor, and my friends' monitor, and his friends' monitor too.....

so i just turn it off before moving and turn it on again, that is a common problem... all of us have samsung syncmaster and this does not actually seem a problem to me...

and ur alien thing kept me from reading this post this long.... so if u keep names like this... people like me might never read your posts... keep more meaningful names


dude degauss, or rlse chek 4 sum thing wich is interfering wit the magnetic field, try movin those speakers or amplifiers or ne electronic thingie.. may work..
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