nLite Users for Slipstreaming help

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Hey guys...

who have been using nlite ..

i know how to slipstream SP2 via it..

can i use the same meathod to slipstream other downloaded updates patches ???

But if i try to do that it gives me options and a error box..

so i dont think it is possible with the software .. is it ??

And also after slipstreaming SP2 into the CD.. all the updates downloaded before the SP2 release, the patches and all.. will that be required ?? or will alll those updates come bundeled into SP2.. cause if not needed will save some precious space on the CD..


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No, you can't slip-stream current hot-fixes that way - wait for post SP2 patches which will have that ability. In any case, SP2 is the last update you will ever need on XP for another 2 months atleast.

Why not ask questions about nLite in its main forum? -

Also, if you need a complete solution of SP+updates, to be automatically and easily done, see the the MSFN forums (link above) and get XPCREATE.

Hoping this helps....
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