1. S

    Small red lined patches on the sides of the LED TV

    What's the reason for red lined patches the ones marked in the attached image? Top portion left side also it is there
  2. windchimes

    Laptop Display Problem - Patches of Colors :(

    Hi guys, Of late i can see patches of colors on my laptop display - as if the screen goes to a very lower resolution. Please find the image attached and see the regions pointed by the White arrow. . I'm using an Asus laptop with Windows 7 OS and has a card of Geforce GT630M. My display...
  3. RCuber

    Need COD 4: MW Patches

    Hi Guys, I need the official patches for COD 4: MW, I searched in activision and COD's official sites, but I cannot find any patches. The downloads page in activision just shows a "Receiving Configuration" animation, but nothing gets displayed. if any one has the official patches then please...
  4. B

    Strange color patches on HTC Wildfire S

    I have noticed recently that my wildfire S have developed some strange yellow color patches in the back battery cover.Check the images.I tried cleaning it but it does not go off.I searched over google and found this.I use a black colored soft cloth pouch change in colour on the back cover of...
  5. ico

    Battlefield 3 won't be on Steam

    Source: Battlefield 3 won't be sold on Steam; EA claims service 'restricts our ability to directly support players' | Joystiq what's with this? I mean, Valve kicked out Crysis 2 from Steam. Someone had told me there was some issue of Crysis 2 DLC being only available through Direct2Drive...
  6. A

    Notebook lcd screen leaves patches when touched from back

    Hii!! everyone My dad bought a Dell Vostro 1520 Notebook for my bro in Oct 2009. After my bro's recommendation my dad bought the same laptop in Feb 2010 for me also. We ( The two brothers) met on this Diwali at home. I noticed that when there is a little pressure of fingers etc on LCD screen...
  7. ryuuj1n

    Fifa08 Replay Problem

    Guys, I recently updated my Fifa08 squads by applying the patches from (ie Nordic patches) after that i m not able to save my "10Sec" replay. When i click it, it will ask for the filename to save and when i click ok, the "Dont Send" error comes.
  8. lethalweaponforever

    Fifa 08

    Can anyone tell me how to play FIFA 08 online........... The option in the game doesn't says install some patches....when i try tht the patches don't install.....
  9. R

    Issue with Palit HD4850 Sonic

    my 3 days old Card is giving me few probs! initially i got few red vertical patches on the screen followed by vertical green dots and this use to disappear when i my Vista gets loaded. but since morning i keep getting this all the time and i get a BSOD after the "Loading" screen of Vista.this...
  10. raksrules

    how to install *.vkp file patches on my SE w800i

    How do i install patches on my w800i cell phone ? I have a few *.vkp files. Also what if my phone dies after installing any patch or anything goes wrong ?
  11. M

    how to save win xp update security patches

    i have win xp installed. can i save security patches downloaded from windows update site on another folder/cd. currenly my windows/xp crashed and i have to installed once again and downloaded all patches.
  12. H

    Patch Dilemma??

    hi... there is a silly doubt i have... if we patch a s/w or game with the latest patch.. do we need to use all previous version patches? eg if we use patch 1.08... do we need to first patch 1.01,1.02,1.03,1.04,1.05,1.06,1.07? or will the patch 1.08 have all the previous 7 patches...
  13. R

    How to combine multiple "vkp" files

    I came across this small utility to combine two or more 'vkp files which are used to flash patches into SE phones. download link *
  14. Dark Star

    Remastered Ubuntu 7.04 by Dell

    Dell announced the immediate availability of a remastered Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) that will help you with the installation process of Ubuntu OS on Inspiron E1505N, 1420N and 530N Dell computers. The remastered ISOs include all the necessary drivers and patches that will get Ubuntu up and...
  15. 56561

    help buying an anti-virus .

    problem is that I have to suggest which anti-virus we should buy . this is a 25 people internet-based company I am running . I am suggesting kaspersky . I can buy KAspersky 7 for $120 . now kaspersky 6 is available for $30 . So if I buy kaspersky 6 instead of the latest version then...
  16. anandk

    Apple unloads torrent of patches.

    "Dozens of vulnerabilities and bugs were covered by a total of six downloads for Mac OS 10.3.9 (Panther), Mac OS 10.4.10 (Tiger) on PowerPC, and the Universal version of Mac OS 10.4.10, as well as the server versions of each of those operating systems. Each download contains several patches to...
  17. H


    Hi, Plz tell me the link how to download complete version of IE6 having the latest patches.
  18. infra_red_dude

    Patch ur SE phone to improve on the features!

    by now i suppose people can read the prev. posted tuts to break in to the phone and then restore it. so i'll only talk abt the procedure to apply and remove the patches. 1) procedure to apply patches step1: break into ur phone by loading breaker firmware via XS++ (follow till step3 and...
  19. S

    Games Patches

    Well unfotunately i have got a few pirated games like HL2, Civilisation 4 etc. The problem is that to install any mods or to play multiplayer(as in case of Civ 4) i need to install patches( which i can't use on my pirated versions). Is there any site where i could get patces & mods for my...
  20. shreyadr

    updates ???

    earlier whenever I updated any software/freeware; I required to download the complete new set up fle. however, most of the latest softwares allow end users just to download patches. (e.g. Zone alarm can be updated by downloading & extracting 13+ mb file each time. but spybots, firefox ...
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