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  1. R

    [For Sale] Note II (pre-ordered peice) for sale

    1. Model number and details: Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 (International version) 2. Date of purchase: Do no remember 3. Reason for sale: Offer for a Nexus 5 as gift. 4. Warranty details: No warranty remaining 5. Condition: 9/10 6. Location of Seller: Bangalore 7. Accessories provided: Charger...
  2. Nanducob

    What game is Saif Ali Khan playing...

    as seen in the Royale paint ad?Anyone?
  3. axes2t2

    The Pencil tool.

    The MS Paint Pencil tool. Show off your ms paint pencil tool masterpiece.
  4. C

    Hardware problems with the Xperia Neo V?

    I recently bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V last month and my opinion of the phone, atleast software wise is great. However, two problems have cropped up. 1. I accidently dropped a my phone 2-3 times and with each fall, i've seen that a noticeable amount of the white paint (my device being...
  5. Skyh3ck

    Where to find Spray paint in Mumbai....

    hi I want to paint my cabby black with spray paint... Can anybody know wehre to find spray paint tin in Mumbai Western suburbs, or near to Andheri Area... And which brand is good and how much it will cost.....
  6. K

    installing how?

    Hi Guys, I do not know actually and I think MS Paint is an inbuilt one on Windows XP Home Edition. It was deleted unfortunately. I tried my level best to install MS Paint using original Windows XP Home Edition CD,but all in vain. How to install it.Step by step procedures?
  7. abhidev

    Wanna look like Rorschach ? Here's How

    Were you impressed, awed and maybe even a little scared by the Watchmen’s anti-hero character, Rorschach? Well, he is quite creepy, but here’s a chance to be just like him. Well, at least you can kind of look like him now, as I found this really cool link that shows us exactly how to go about...
  8. jxcess3891

    Post your MS Paint Art

    Hey guys I'm back after a very very long hiatus. Maybe most of u won't even remember me. But nevertheless it's back to creating some stupid and controversial posts for me. So keeping in the spirit, here's a thread for posting all your ms paint art. U need to strictly stick to ms paint which is...
  9. Rockstar11

    What color should I paint a music room to inspire more musicality?

    I have a room in my house that is used as a Music room and PC room. I want to paint the room in two colors (light colors) I can't decide what color to paint the walls. :confused: plz help me.. :( check this site http://www.sherwin-williams.com/visualizer/index.html
  10. hrushij

    How to draw a line using mouse in asssembly program

    Hello friends I want to make a pint like program.. in Assembly program Now I want to know that how can I draw a line in using mouse just like in Paint in XP.
  11. S

    Adding a Program to Right Click New Sub-menu

    Dear All, Please help me. How can I add a program to right click -> new (sub menu) I actually want to add the paint program to it, i.e. right click->new->paint Thanks in advance:confused:
  12. S

    Adding a Program to Right Click New Sub-menu

    Dear All, Please help me. How can I add a program to right click -> new (sub menu) I actually want to add the paint program to it, i.e. right click->new->paint Thanks in advance
  13. blueshift

    Russian Gmail art

    People in Russia have made these giant GMail interface using: - 162 meters of gray tape - 45 lego pieces - 32 sticks of plasticine - 18 brushes - 18 square meters of batten - 12 cans of spray paint - 10 liters of white paint - 4 reams of paper - 2 kilograms of millet porridge - 1...
  14. Kniwor

    JPEG Image compression help (Transferring image from digicam to PC)

    The problem is that when I connect my camera to PC and copy the images in memory stick to the comp, the image will usually take 2-3Mb of space if it's a 7Megapixel image. Now this is because the JPEG compression in camera is not done well, anyhow, to fix this what I can do is open the image in...
  15. spynic

    PSU Fan Mod

    hi ppl... was kinda bord yest, coz of d rains so i tot ill do a lil TP wid my spare iBall PSU..(400W) addin some leds to the rear fan.. ill share the procedure to do it.. n ye.. DO IT AT UR OWN RISK!:D so here it is. Things required 1. Spare PSU ;). 2. 4 Led's. 3. Soldering Iron. 4. a...
  16. koolbluez

    Best Free and Open Source Software Collection

    Well, this is one of the few places where a Mac & Windows can co-exist :D No flame wars guyz. A Collection of the Best Free and Open Source Software from Mohawke contains both Windows & Mac software, mostly free. There is a brief description of the software too. Nice for a casual view. A...
  17. techtronic

    WIFI SECURED ? Company develops Wi-Fi resistant paint

    EM-SEC Technologies, a company better known for its governmental and military technologies, has released a commercial paint which the company says, with validation from the National Security Agency (NSA), will block Wi-Fi signals. The paint will block signals coming in or going out of a room...
  18. max_demon

    A very cool brush in paint !!

    this is very short and simple tutorial .made by me :grin: Required things - Paint Procedure - 1. start paint 2. Choose your colour 3. Draw a Dot and select it very closly |_._|(close than this) 4. hold shift and drag the dot. 5. if u move it fast it will draw less , if u move it slow it will...
  19. Sridhar_Rao

    Alternative to MS Paint

    Is there any software (that is also a freeware) that is alternative to microsoft paint. I am looking for a software which I can use to draw sketches for my notes. the trouble with MS Paint is that the lines are never smooth. If there is no software (freeware) that can compete with MS Paint, at...
  20. BBThumbHealer

    Output Screen In C++ !

    hey frenz..... can u ppl plz tell me how to take screen shot of output screen in Turbo C++......pressing print screen n then pasting it in paint is of no use ...nothin happens..... Thanking u ppl in anticipation..... BlackBerry7100g.
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