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Case Mod - 60% ||||||----
hi ppl...
was kinda bord yest, coz of d rains
so i tot ill do a lil TP wid my spare iBall PSU..(400W)
addin some leds to the rear fan..

ill share the procedure to do it..
so here it is.

Things required
1. Spare PSU ;).
2. 4 Led's.
3. Soldering Iron.
4. a lil wire.
5. Silver/Chrome Paint.
6. 4-5mm drill bit. (as i used 5mm Led's.. i said 4 as u dnt want the led go right thru d hole..)
7. Silicon sealant/feviquick.

Step 1:
Open the screws of the psu.. u will no longer have warranty after u do this.
u will c the fan mounted on four screws.. remove tht too..
now u can either work wid ur fan attached to ur psu.. or seperate it from the psu..(later join it).


there are 2 wires connected to ur fan.. i cut it right in d middle...
to get the fan out..

Step 2:
Drill holes @ equal intervals @ 4 places for the led's.. (preferably at the corners.. as shown in d pic.. sorry dint get the focus right.)


Step 3:
Mask the parts wer u dnt want paint.(using masking tape)
using silver/chrome paint gives more reflection.. as we dnt use transparent fans..
here i used spray paints... the chrome paint costs bout Rs.300/-

give it bout 3 light coats.. with intervals of 20 mins between each coat..


Step 4:
once the paint has dried ,, u gotta stick to led's to the fan..
i used d sealant but i think feviquick wuda been a better choice, coz it took lotsa time to dry..
mount the leds slightly at an inclination to the radius.. (i.e. it shudnt be directed towards the center)...
c tht the leds dnt penetrate too much into the holes as it may come in contact with d fan..u really dnt want tht to happen..


i connected the leds in series as they had a voltage drop of 3V each..
so 4 leds in series gives a Voltage drop of 12V..
i took a parallel connection of the 12V rail to supply the Led..

solder the ends of the leds together n at one end give ur voltage supply..
remember to insulate ur joints, using tape or sealant...
join the wires of the fans back again...

put ur fan back into the case.. n c tht all ur joints are insulated.. n verify ur connections again..
now close the case...

n this is wt u get:cool:



ive written this in a hurry.. so if u dint understand nethin.. feel free to ask!
will be back wid ma case mod.. hopefully soon!;)


Right off the assembly line
hey dude which paint u used??? n did u take power supply for LED's frm fan itself or something else!!!!!n did u put ne resistors to match the LED's normal/safe operating volate!!!!!i would really like to have knowledge on case modding asap!!!!!!! had left u a scrap on orkut too

thnx in advance


King of my own Castle
Nice mod..still isnt PSU the most hidden thing in the PC.Considering it always is in the back side.
I will def want to check out more of you mods...
Let it rain and may you come up with more ideas.


Case Mod - 60% ||||||----
srry guys.. dint c ur replies..

used some bosny brand chrome paint.. bout 300bux
took d power frm a 12V rail
no resistors used.. gave a voltage drop of 3V across 4 leds +12V
although the led's are rated 3.6V..
n i musta missed out ur scrap on orkut..

thanx! ;)

nice 1 ;)
bout 60% mod completed


The Frozen Nova
Nice work, looks cool (read bright). I can't do this as of now. No spare PSU and worried to do it.
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