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Google Paying For You to Install Pack and Picasa

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Paid software referals are back

It's been quite a while since AllAdvantage was in the news. The company at the time had made a huge entry into online advertising and was one of the pioneers of the pay-to-refer model of advertising. Google is now bringing that model back and hopes to take it mainstream.

The search giant has announced that its AdSense program has been updated to now feature referral pay programs. Google says that for those who run AdSense, $2 will be paid each time a user installs Google Pack and $1 is paid each time user installs Picasa. At this point however, the program ends and there is no ladder referral. The AdSense user does not gain more money each time their user refers another user.

While Google is staying away from multi-level marketing schemes, it hopes that with the new AdSense strategy, more people will take notice in its branding and trustworthiness to produce and provide software.

Source: Dailytech


It doesnt come without a catch. Last time they introduced the Firefox referral meaning, upto 1$ everytime someone downloads firefox and installs it. The upto part is what most people miss. It sounds good that you get 1$ but I have never seen it reflected in my account. 4 downloads during the short period that i had the firefox referral on a site and it just yielded .3 - .4 $. So its all hype if you ask me.
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