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Is the free AVG AntiVirus going 2 b stopped !?

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Is the free AVG AntiVirus going 2 b stopped !? :confused:

there is news and talk about the imminent demise of this favorite antivirus tool...

but its a confusion...it's only the older versions that are going away. the newest version of AVG av 7.5 is already available, and is still offered in both free :) and paid versions. the confusion arose bcoz the grisoft's main web site is set up so that u have to read thru a lot of descriptive prose about d paid version before u find d links 2 d free one. http://free.grisoft.com/doc/1 the exisiting avg 7 (i think) will b discontinued wef 15/1/7; so time to upgrade/update.

one of the reasons grisoft is trying to move all its customers to the new versions fast, is that avg av 7.5 (free and paid) will ship with the "Security Center" in the vista. this will make avg one of the most widely applicable av tools in existence !


I don't think so they will discontinue free version. I think new version 7.5 which will be shipped along with Vista will be continued as 'Free version' for non-Vista users.
But this collaboration of Vista and AVG is likely to harm avast!, which I think is better than AVG in terms of Shield protection and Trojan attacks.

A big war is going to erupt amoung these too free antivirus providers. And this is good as a customer point of view. Competation will make the products better.


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are u sure it is going to be shipped with Vista. IMHO I don't think that Microsoft will like to get any other antitrust notice
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