1. Akira

    Not able to login to IRCTC through Firefox??

    On the main page, the correct combination of id and password(and the captcha) gives me wrong credentials page. On the separate login page(services.irctc), it gives me 'The id/password is wrong' page. Login's working fine on Opera and Chrome. Any Ideas why? P.S : I was thinking...
  2. A

    Dominos Pizza : How to get back the amount from a faulty transaction

    Hey All, I was ordering pizza at dominos through their online portal.I selected my order and used my debit card to pay the amount but after I got a message that the transaction was successful the page threw an error. I tried to refresh it several times but I couldn't get the page where it...
  3. tkin

    Some queries regarding JSF(Java Server Faces)

    Hey guys, I'd just started working on JSF and I have a few queries. 1. What is the best book/resource to learn JSF? I need detailed knowledge. I have learn the basics, but I want my page to look like this: PrimeFaces ShowCase and I am a long way from getting there, the pages I made looks like...
  4. A

    Website seo for Multicountry?

    Hi guys, I want to know How to promote the single .com website for all countries in world? What are the content and on page technique for this and most important which Geographic target to select under Google webmaster tool.
  5. A

    eCommerce website promotion

    How to promote every page of eCommerce website? What are the on page and off page technique for this?
  6. S

    configuring alliance broadband for static ip (linksys wrt54g)

    hi all, I need to configure my wireless router (linksys wrt54g) for alliance broadband. could any of you point me to some related link or tutorial? I tried doing it by changing the connection type to static ip in the config page and entering the details which the cable guy provided on the...
  7. A


    Inspired from DIGIT, made my own page in facebook named Gizmopedia. gizmopedia Please everyone like it. The website for my page is under-construction. A digit reader since 6 years.
  8. 7shivam1

    [For Sale] Facebook Page with awesome reach.

    Hey people. I'm willing to sell my Facebook page with worth 4.5k Likes and brilliant page reach. Page link - Every post on page has minimum on 90 likes and they usually go around 110+ Post traffic is targeted and all genuine fans :D I'll upload more...
  9. patkim

    True crypt is shutdown?

    Came across this TrueCrypt Encryption Software Shut Down, May Be Compromised interestingly the site is no longer available and simply redirects to another page where it mentions that truecrypt may not be safe and recommends users to switch to other encryption tools like windows...
  10. rakesh_sharma23

    Asus modders contest 2014

    Attn :- ALL PC Modders Here is an opportunity to showcase your modding talent and win amazing prizes . For more detail- Following is my entry:
  11. topgear

    ASUS Modders Contest 2014

    1. The contest is open to all PC enthusiasts and modders residing in India. 2. They must be a fan of ASUS India Facebook Page. 3. They must present atleast one picture of their submissions: The shots should be clear of effects. Photo submission should not be less than 800 x 600 pixels in...
  12. L

    sharing using wifi

    hey i have a net gear n 150 wireless router and i am able to share files between my laptop and my smartphone using es file explorer on my phone but now i changed my router to tp link n 150 wireless router and now i am not able to do the same it is not showing my computer on the lan page i even...
  13. bestpain

    web page required urgent

    hii frnds i need to submit a .html webpage as my project tommorow....and tommorow are my internals .so i dont have time to create a webpage...if anybody has already done similar projects on any topic can mail it to me at i need a simple page having 2 or 3 links in...
  14. ithehappy

    Having a problem with Netgear DG834G router, after installing Windows 8.1!

    The router is a Netgear DG834G V3. I use to open to access and configure router's settings and all, but since switching to Windows 8.1 Pro I can NOT access the "connection status" page. Without that page I won't be able to connect / disconnect the router. The page is loading...
  15. ithehappy

    I am infected by a virus called 'upgrade-itch'. How to kill it? :D

    No seriously, for past one month, I am having this obsession. Every day when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is go on eBay and and see either a 4770k or 4930k and click on buy it now, apply a coupon and then close that page. I don't know why, but it's just happening. And it never...
  16. sam9s

    Whats up with the ads ... so irritating

    Hi All, Initially I thought they are just on the right side, so big deal, it ok. Then they are on the left, and before you can think they are at the top bottom of the page as well. I was like WT@#$%. Now recently I notices they have induced ads inside the posts as well, I mean...
  17. Tarun Singh

    Deals and Offers on Domains and Hosting Here

    If you have found an online deal and offer for domain name and hosting,that is running and want to share it then do so in this thread. Give a link (if the link is different from home page ) A brief description (unless it's self explanatory) If it has an expiry date or usage limitation then...
  18. Nanducob

    Share Your Favourite Facebook Pages

    Please share your favourite Facebook pages here,let others see them too:) Posting mine: See More Has about 2 million likes,formerly nown as 4chan,posts stuff from 4chan,9gag,reddit etc.Even have there own website.My favourite page Welcome to the Internet...
  19. cute.bandar

    Questions regarding airtel digitalTV

    I am thinking of taking airtel digitaltTV with HD+ (recorder with pen drive) 1. will HD+ connection work with a SD TV ? TV upgrade will be later. 2. Can I choose SD channels pack with an HD connection ? or do I have to take HD channels ? 3. what is the exact rate for SD channel pack (mega)...
  20. A

    unable to acess google

    i was unable to connect when i tried in chrome im getting directed to chrome download page. when tried in forefox, its getting directed to firefox download page and for explorer its directed to IE11 download. tried all sort of cleaning but cant find a solution. Please do help us to...
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