1. desiibond

    Cooler Master Readies CM 690 II Advanced Case

    Not much data is available regarding the same but here is the picture: countdown page:
  2. ╬Switch╬

    What does promotional talktime mean?

    I was looking at this page from the RIM website for recharge options : And for eg, the 100 Rs one has 90 Rs TALKTIME and around 10 Rs of Promotional Talktime. Whats the diference between these two? Thanks.
  3. S

    bengali font

    i have downloaded a bengali font page from mozila but without net connection i can't see that page in bengali font,avra keyboard is installedin my machine ,so plz plz help me to solve this ..........
  4. Dr.tweaker

    what will be the maximum page file size for a machine with 2gb ram

    i know,,it may be a lame question but i need to optimise my page file size for getting my compi a bit faster,,,my current config is pentium d 2.8, 2gb ram, Ati IGP x200 ,xp pro service pack 2,and seagate 160gb what will be my page file size for getting the maximum juice out of this old...
  5. rosemolr

    Please Help me to configure modem

    recently i got bsnl connection in my hme with utstarcom WA3002G4 modem.they had installed and everything is fine now.but i want to access in my laptop too..i have wifi in both modem and lap..but when i try to configure the modem by it is not opening the looks like netbios...
  6. A

    What's wrong with Digit!!!

    Is it just me or everyone else too is seeing half page AD on digit? Almost half of my left side screen is covered with AD and a banner AD on the right side. The forum is reduced to less than 30% of the total width of the page! See what I mean:
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