Is this website copying all the contents of digit forums?


Behind Enemy Lines
I made an inquiry about change in broadband service to which no user replied.
i visited back the thread,as well i searched for it via google,
this page popped-up with exact same content made by me on broadband section.
the same is present in his page :-o :-o
i will paste both the links for cross verification
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Back to school!!
Someone heard from someone that you can money by making a blog, apparently that's all this guy heard.


Destroy Erase Improve
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Looks like some bot doing copypasta job.

But what if that's OP's own blog and this thread is a trick to drive traffic there? :chinscratch:


Cyborg Agent
Thats nothing new, people make such blogs, add adsense and makes money until they get caught and their adsense is disabled.. these were the people GOOGLE had changed ranking algo drastically in past two years :)
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