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Hello everyone.

I attempted to sign into my E-Bay account on E-Bay India, but surprisingly, the succeeding page displayed a message stating; something on the lines that 'my login attempt was detected using another/different computer'. Consequently, the security process initially presented two options to send the Verification Code - phone call/text message and e-mail. I chose the former option and keyed in my India cellphone number, but the security process was unable to verify my number. Choosing the latter option, proceeded to ask; to answer the security question, and my flustered memory recalled incorrect responses.

After a certain, security implemental; fixed number of attempts, the following page was displayed -
I attempted calling on the said number; 0800 358 6552 from my cellphone and landline on separate instances, but received the following recorded message from the telecom operator's end, "The number you are trying to call, is either switched off, or not reachable..."

Choosing the Contact eBay option from Help & Contact via the website, proceeds to the Sign in page. I have previously, in the near past, successfully logged into my E-Bay account, from E-Bay UK and E-Bay India.
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Could someone provide me with E-Bay India customer service's helpline number, and or, e-mail address? I would like to get this issue resolved quickly, because I have to purchase a couple of products.
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