[Want to Buy] Facebook page on general topic with 5k plus likes


Cyborg Agent
I am looking to be admin of a Facebook page with general subject, humor , fun or anything. Page should have atleast 5K likes. Please give details only in PM including page links .

MODS: If this is against rules then please let me know.

PS: Its not necessarily about buying a page, there are many pages out there those have good numbers of likes but not active anymore, so may be there is anyone generous to hand it over me as good gesture, that way it will be with FB TOS too.
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you can actually buy and generate like. search SEO, Media promotions, microjobs.


Cyborg Agent
Alright, read everyone's reaction, I should rephrase it,
Is there any good lad or may be lady (if any) to handover his / her inactive page with good numbers of likes. I can give it new lease of life and will maintain it properly ?


Send me PM for details..
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