1. T

    Copy (not move) email messages to offline folders in MS Outook

    We have our office email that everyone visits on their PC through its web interface. I've configured outlook to only view these messages. I manually copy them one by one or group by group depending on the sender/type of message. But with the passage of time, its becoming cumbersome to manually...
  2. J

    mac outlook excel file attachments appear zipped and as seperate files in windows outlook..please he

    mac outlook excel file attachments appear zipped along with an html file and a number of seperate files in windows outlook
  3. E

    A query about MS Outlook 2013

    Honestly I have never used Outlook, never, so I have no idea how they work, thus the query. I set up my Gmail account in Outlook 2013 for the first time and everything is good, but as soon as I open Outlook it starts synchronizing messages from very first email, which is way back six or seven...
  4. S

    Outlook cant send mail with attachment

    Dear guys , i cant send mail with attachment in outlook 2013 or 2010.port are unblock, i am using IMAP.Without attachment mail can send. OS windows 7 Internet Explorer 8 No antivirus install even windows defender disabled. no plugins install on outlook. then where is the problem guys, can u...
  5. A

    How to Get Outlook 2010 to Prompt You for an Outgoing Password ?

    How to Get Outlook 2010 to Prompt You for an Outgoing Password ?
  6. R

    How to recover my lost files of Outlook?

    Hi friends, i need good recovery software to easily get back lost files of Outlook. Is there any way to recover lost files of Outlook then plz share your views....
  7. GhorMaanas

    Email configuration in MS Outlook 2007 (for MTNL)

    Hello everyone! i was trying to set-up an email account just now, in MS Outlook 2007. i have an MTNL (Mumbai) connection. for the incoming POP3 server, i put the address as pop.mtnl.net.in, and for the outgoing mail server, as, smtp.mtnl.net.in. have put the username same as the username in the...
  8. C

    repair outlook

    I am having a large outlook pst file and I am using Outlook 2007 and my Os is windows7. The total size of that is 2.04 Gb. I have read that exchange dont allow the size of .pst file more than 2gb, but I dont know how it increased. and when I try to open the .pst file outlook says cannot open and...
  9. A

    Any cool fun email maker ?

    I need to create and send out birthday mail, anniversary mails etc on a daily basis.. and creating them in PowerPoint or word then importing in outlook makes the job very time consuming and tedious.. Is there any software to create cool fun mailers (static).
  10. D

    How to migrate from outlook 2003 to outlook 2007?

    I was amused when I saw my friend using Outlook 2007 and was attracted to it. Even I am thinking of migrating from outlook 2003 to outlook 2007, so I just wanted to know how could i get my old mails and contacts to my outlook 2007 if I migrate so. I would be happy if someone could help me to...
  11. A

    Need a Solution...

    Today, I purchased a samsung Galaxy S2 at 29600. The phone is excellent. The problem is that the phone doesn't come with pc suite. So, now I am in a fix and need help in syncronizing the outlook contacts with s2.... UEGENT
  12. A

    outlook restoring help

    due to virus infection i have formatted my system. before formatting i took back up of old mails in Outlook. after formatting i configured outlook2007 by old .pst backup . but when it is connected online old mails once again started once again. i have maid old .pst as the default...
  13. buddyram

    Backing Up Microsoft Outlook MailBox

    I want to format my windows drive in order to remove weird/unscrupulous softwares. Is there any way to back up the Mails residing in Microsoft Outlook, so that i can restore it while after i install the OS again!!
  14. iinfi

    win7 plugin/software change to dark background

    hi all i use windows 7 and mostly FF and Chrome n MS Outlook is there a software which can turn the background of my desktop browser webpages and outlook into a dark background. and also give me an option to bring it back to normal.
  15. dhanusaud

    Microsoft Office Outlook email

    Hi all, Can anybody let me know if there is any software or solution to sync outlook automatically with short interval with multiple PCs vice versa using LAN?? I used "Public Foldershare" & couple of other software but dissatisfied. I want to download emails in one PC & automatically send them...
  16. Charley

    Outlook Express Saved Files - Win XP

    Where is the Outlook Express saved folders/files in the Windows directory ?
  17. Ashok Verma

    problem configuring outlook....

    hi friends, i am using windows XP & office 2003 i want to configure my outlook 2003 with my gmail account .... after configuring my account i got the following error...... Please Help! Thanks in Advance....:-) ASHOK
  18. patkim

    MS Outlook 2003 & IE 6 hangs

    I notice that MS Outlook 2003 SP3 just hangs when there’s a Network Failure and it fails to connect to the server. I would have though that it would give an error that server is unreachable rather than get into ‘Not Responding’ state. Mine is configured for MS Exchange Server setup. Similarly...
  19. A

    two problem 1st is wifi problem and second is outlook 2007

    hello guys i have installed mtnl wifi hg 520 for wifi connectivity i am having two laptop one desktop and two phones having wifi connectivity both laptop is of lenavo having vista and xp installed configuration laptop 1 win xp celeron 512 mb ram laptop 2 vista c2d 2.0 3gb ram i have...
  20. ravi_9793

    Alert- phishing E-mail asks to update Outlook

    TrendMicro’s TrendLabs identified a phishing e-mail message (see below) which asked the recipient to update Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Here’s how the e-mail message starts out: On a scale of one to 10 the authenticity of this scam e-mail is a nine. It’s very realistic, even...
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