1. panacea_amc

    cant access ORKUT in operamini>>

    i m nt able to access orkut thru operamini again as some blue screen flashes up when i try to login. plz help!
  2. Krazzy Warrior

    Share Orkut Profile Here

    Mine:- Krazzy Warrior
  3. M

    How To Login Faster in Gmail and Orkut

    Well the title of this post seems to be catchy, and of course, it’s true. Now you can login faster into your Gmail as well as Orkut Account More faster than ever. Just one click and you are in :D Faster Orkut Login Well Just click here and simply bookmark the page that opens. Faster Gmail...
  4. C

    how to delete orkut profile?

    how can i delete my orkut profile? i dont want to leave it idle, i want to delete it.
  5. naveen_reloaded

    Does Orkut Büyükkökten get paid for each scrap?

    title says all.. is it true he gets paid from google for each scrap we write and each photo we upload to orkut ?? or is it just a MYTH ??
  6. ajooba215

    how to make custom orkut themes...?

    hey guys....i`ve checked in my orkut account after a long time and found many of ma frnds have got some themes in their profiles...and that stuff really luk coool....so...i wonder how can i do the same...thought of asking here instead of searching it in google...:d:D
  7. S

    Want to See Snowfall in Your orkut Account?? Most Wanted trick

    Want to See Snowfall in Your orkut Account?? Here is the trick..: Login to your orkut account now copy and paste the below link in ur address bar and press enter, then see the magic
  8. L

    Orkut aplication

    Hi, Does any one know how to make aplication in orkut , if yes pls let me know.
  9. C

    Orkut Profile

    Hello Friends, Plz tell me a way to Hide my orkut profile completely so that no 3rd person can view my profile. only my friends are able to view my profile. My Profile shud be totally locked.
  10. Ecko

    Orkut account got compromised

    My friend's orkut account got compromised & the person put up some nude content on it Where can I report this & ask for investigation
  11. V

    Orkut problem !!

    Hi ! I'm havin a problem with orkut. I noticed that there's been a change in the URL of the site to ".co.in" (i.e. when I login ). NOw the problem is that when I search for communities or users it seems to search only in India and not the whole world. This is quite a big irritant.... Is there...
  12. T

    social networking websites..

    i see a lot of people chatting away on social networking websites. the most popular one seems to be orkut. but my personal opinion is that they are a waste of time and to the amazement of my friends i dont have an orkut account.i see people addicted to orkut and people who only use the internet...
  13. M

    orkut themes

    hi, guys i want to make custom orkut theme......any idea...how to do that
  14. D

    Orkut Birthday Reminders on Your HomePage Can Compromise Your Account!

    Beware of some traps that Orkut has accidentally left for you which might result in compromising your account to someone, you don't even know.. Still fishing? Okay..All the credit for this security risk goes to the MiniBirthday Feature of orkut which displays the Upcoming Birthdays of your...
  15. A

    Orkut founder is gay!!!!!!

    Never knew this but today when i went through this article, i found out that Orkut Büyükkökten is actually gay and is all set to marry his boyfriend. Kinda Surprising..... Read more about him here:*en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orkut_B%C3%BCy%C3%BCkk%C3%B6kten
  16. raksrules

    Orkut on Nokia 6630 - Opera / Opera Mini

    I have installed Opera and Opera Mini (4.1) on my nokia 6630. Whenever i am trying to access orkut, it shows a very slimmed down interface. I cannot view the profile, no albums. How can i get a full version of orkut (with all the features available) ??
  17. Krazy Bluez

    Catch the babes of MTV's Splitsvilla on ORKUT !!!

    Well guys, the gals of the MTV's Splitsvilla are officially in Orkut !:D:D:D here's the link: *www.orkutplus.org/2008/06/catch-babes-of-mtv-splitsvilla-on-orkut.html Source: orkutplus.org
  18. skippednote

    Classic Orkut on Mobile

    I have tried and tested several ways to open the classic orkut but it didn't help while trying myself i found a sort of crack. Here goes 1. Open google 2. Now sign in google where its written next to igoogle 3. After signing in google reopens with your email id at the top now you have to search...
  19. Plasma_Snake

    Block Orkut in Firefox

    Yes I want to block Orkut in my Firefox 2.14. Please tell me how to do so?
  20. jerin3013

    Orkut - Updating,Updating & Updating....

    orkut is becoming more & more interesting.... it is currently updating with lots of applications,themes,and finally corrected the number of friends..
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