1. B

    How to view locked images / Albums in Orkut?

    Ripping off the idea from another thread on orkut started by me ...It just struck me whether there is a way out to view someone's locked album to which you are not allowed access. Earlier Orkut had no such concept as locked or unlocked albums. Is doing so legal or comes under the...
  2. Ecstasy

    Problem here, Gmail and Orkut account deleted

    Hey guys, Just today morning my gf's gmail account and orkut account got hacked and deleted. The problem is that she didn't put any secondary email address as well during account creation. I asked her to try to remember but she couln't as that her sister made it for her and even she doesn't...
  3. Krazy Bluez

    How to create a signature ?

    I just wanna know how I can create my own signature...I mean I have a picture but i want to add links in it, like one for deviantart, twitter, orkut, etc, but i can't figure it out how to, so can anyone help me with it ?
  4. heartripple

    problems while uploading image

    I have one prob. with orkut.I am not able to upload pictures with my scraps. Ther error message says that The file you selected could not be uploaded. It may be too large or it was not a valid image file. Please select another file or click the upload button to try again. Orkut...
  5. patkim

    Just wondering…‘suggested friends’ by Orkut

    Off lately I logged on to my Orkut after quite some time. I found a list of members as ‘suggested friends’ by Orkut. I know some while others I have met once in a while and a few were totally unknowns. Does anyone know on what basis Orkut suggests such a list? Just wondering…
  6. S

    How to Disable Chat in Orkut

    Please let me know how to disable chat in orkut. I tried doing it thru the settings page,but i can disable it only for some people. For others,it says that you have enabled them thru some other application. i checked in GTalk client,but cant find anything. Its very annoying. Pls help me out
  7. R

    Orkut on firefox in windows xp give very high disk I/Os

    When I open orkut in Firefox 3, I get a very high amount of disk I/O. I use Windows XP. I checked and verified this using the task manager. I found that closing the orkut tab stops this. Is this a problem with firefox.
  8. D

    a problem with orkut

    in my orkut a/c..it always shows that i have a message, when in reality i do not have any saved or sent messages..i've deleted them all.so why is it still showing?what can i do to solve this problem?
  9. patkim

    orkut browsing issues..

    Off lately I have been noticing that the Site Orkut does not work properly, at least with IE 6 that I have. Some most frequently noticed issues are Scroll bars do not work Search does not work Site keeps giving ‘Operation Aborted’ message in IE. Has anyone faced similar issues?
  10. S

    Problems with MOZILLA

    I m having problems opening orkut with mozilla firefox 3...other sites are behaving normally...with orkut the problem comes when it tries to connect to talkgadgets.com...immediately after that mozilla shows error report and closes. plz help.
  11. rosemolr

    Orkut Launched Chat Support Now..

    just before a couple of minutes ago..i got a message from orkut team that to inform me that they had open chat support..i think it is something good..what do you think guys..
  12. T

    Chat feature working for you in Orkut?

    Anyone knows why I am always getting an error when I try to sign in to gtalk network from inside Orkut? Using firefox 3.0.4 on Fedora 10
  13. 047

    Urgent help needed in orkut!!!!

    Hi, can anybody help me urgently in orkut. Somebody hacked my account in orkut and now i m not able to access it. Somebody might have changed my password and sent a lot scraps from my account. Can anybody tell me hoe to stop this, is there any way to terminate this acount so nobody can access...
  14. M

    How to know Orkut Online Status?

    Hey friends, Lemme know is there any sort of browser add-on or something like that, that tells the current ONLINE stats of people in friend list in Orkut? Pls help cheers!! ;)
  15. gary4gar

    [Orkut] Get Latest Updates By SMS for Free

    [Orkut] Get Latest Updates By SMS for Free [Orkut] Get Latest Updates By SMS for Free via [Gaurish sharma Live] Orkut Help Link
  16. User Name

    How to create own orkut themes?

    How to create own orkut themes? :?: Which is viewable to all.
  17. panacea_amc

    Orkut theme >>

    hello people, its knowm to all that using firefox and greasemonkey and then the using the java scripts we can change our orkut themes...but is there any way by which the same theme which i use be visible to all the orkut users..like using the 12 default orkut themes like Mtv roadies are...
  18. chavo

    having problem with Firefox,orkut and you tube

    hey guys from yesterday,whenever i tired to start firefox i am getting foll mess 'I DNT HATE MOZILLA BUT USE IE OR ELSE....' and whenever i tried to open orkut i get foll mess 'Orkut is banned you fool,The administrators didn't write this program guess who did?' i get the same mess when i...
  19. JohnephSi

    Virgin media.................my orkut webite used 2 load ds site 1st n thn orkut....p

    Virgin media.................my orkut webite used 2 load ds site 1st n thn orkut....plz solve my pblm
  20. D

    please help ! OPERA doesnot open orkut

    in the personal bar of opera i have added an orkut button..when i run opera for the first time & click on it opera stops at setting up secure connection & orkut doesnot load..after repeated reloads it finally opens..OPERA doesn't have a problem with any other website or with multiple websites...
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