1. iMav

    Orkut-Beware of what u post

    its in the mumbai mirror of today front page ... google and cyber cell of police are in an un-official understanding amongst themselves that orkut will not only ban but also give ip info of hate posters ....
  2. iMav

    orkut question

    ok this might sound stupid for a person with 1k+ posts but here is my question: i joined orkut today and wen i tried to send (s)craos to some of my frenz i got the error some recipient is not allowin orkut to send e-mail choose another recipient something like this ... yeh kya hai bhai
  3. B

    Polls on orkut

    Is there any way so that i can vote more than once from same account on orkut.com?????:confused:
  4. 24online

    Orkut is becoming danger

    Orkut is becoming danger orkut has just opened topics search option.. so now all information whether legal or illegal r open to world.... all know there r many piracy based groups.. so ppl easily find warez, softs, movies, porn etc... from it...also ppl use very rough-untolerable language in...
  5. C

    Baap of all proxies!!!

    Hey guys check out dis new proxy.... Its really superb,fast n in many firms its workin great... Link ---> *www.orkuch.com Click on Unblock orkut ...then in the "Location via proxy" address bar enter the website u wanna surf ....dats it...u have successfully bypassed the firewall...
  6. *GandaBerunda*

    Orkut issues

    when i log on to orkut and click on any link (like scrapbook) i am returned back to the login page and am asked to enter my pass.when i do so i am taken to link. i cannot also send scraps.why is this happening? i have tried this with many accounts and everyones bahaves this way. i truied it both...
  7. A

    orkut ------>google talk

    How Can We Add All Our Orkut Friends To Google Talk ???
  8. M

    Google offers priority reporting to Indian police :-)

    Google has offered Indian police a special tool for priority reporting of objectionable material on its social networking site, Orkut. Google's Orkut social networking site has come in for criticism and even litigation from groups in India that object to its depiction of India and Indian...
  9. CadCrazy

    orkut is not opening

    From few days when i try to open orkut, all i can see is "Moved Temporarily" in the window. m using firefox 2 .what is the prob ?????
  10. hailgautam

    Funny Orkut Unread Mail issue

    Guys, when i login to orkut it says you have 2 unread mails, but there are absolutely no mails when i go inside. this has been like this since few months.... any idea why is that?
  11. kool

    Easiest way 2 know email id of any ORKUT user!!

    Just block that person in ORKUT by clicking on IGNORE button, and then open your G-Talk messenger>> Settings>> Blocked Now here u'll find that user with orkut screen name+email id. Try and reply soon....... Saurav!! :)
  12. anilmail17

    Hide orkut friends add request in opera

    i have created a user javascript which can be used to hide friend request and can be showned on demand. Here are some screenshots which shows how this script works: Normal view of orkut when a person request you to add as a friend View after adding orkut request hider...
  13. GeeNeeYes

    Know Your Secret Orkut Membership Number !

    Secret Tricks for Orkut!! Know Your Secret Orkut Membership Number ! # The Trick: 1. Right click on your profile's photo or any other photo from your album. 2. Select for 'save image as' option. 3. Now in the 'File Name' field you will see a number which is shown as default filename...
  14. S

    Orkut Plugin for Opera

    hi. checked out plugins for orkut in Mozilla.workout alright but a bit on the slower side. does anyone know where can i find plugin(orkut) for opera?
  15. S

    orkut blocked

    Orkut has been blocked in my college.Is there any way 2 access it.I have tried using proxy sites but they seem 2 have some problem with the secured mode needed by orkut?Is there a good proxy site that can access orkut or any other way?
  16. venom X

    How to Trace Orkut Profile's IP address

    As you know Orkut has an in-built IP filter, thereby hiding every user's unique IP. Is there any tool or software to identify or trace orkut profile's IP who has scraped in your scrapbook ?
  17. M

    *** MPG/MPEG Converter ***

    friends just tell me a freeware that converts any video format to MPG/MPEG. - wishes _________________ This is "Mrinmay Bhattacharjee" @ Orkut: *www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=8557557798460584852
  18. sankaranand

    Creating custom url for your Orkut Profile

    When you compare sites like HI5, Bebo, LinkedIn, Friendster with Orkut the main bit Orkut lacking was a Custom URL for your profile page. A Custom URL is a small and easy to remember web URL by which one can access a profile page in a site. Basically one...
  19. nithinks

    Bulk scrapping in ORKUT.

    hello members.. Is there any tool or the software using which i can send a particular scrap to all of my friends in orkut?
  20. S

    cann't open any of the orkut pages....

    someone has disabled orkut @ my pc...how to enable it...i hav the administrator right....pls hlp...i m using ie 7
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