1. C

    New Headphones ~ 2k

    I need a good pair of headphones mostly for movie watching. Earlier had skullcandy uprock and was pretty sqtisfied with them until they died suddenly. Please recoomend some options.
  2. ajayritik

    Best PMP between 1k-4k

    Hi Friends, I'm looking for a decent PMP to listen mostly during workouts. What would be the best option. Mostly looking for it being compact and good audio quality. What are my options? - - - Updated - - - 37 Views and not a single reply? Come on guys!
  3. shirazhansen

    ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 AMP! vs AMD/ATI FirePro V4800 1 GB GDDR5

    Hi all, Which of the 2 cards in the title do you thing would be better for me? I would be using my system for a lot of Image editing, 3d modeling/rendering as well as moderate gaming (think NFS Rivals, Crysis and the like). Any suggestions regarding better/more suitable options? I'm looking...
  4. G

    Buying 1 TB intetrnal HD soon

    Looking at other threads here, I plan for buying WD blue 1 TB internal HD in a couple of days. Anything I should know before buying, If not this one / if not available, are there other options within 5000 Rs. ? Do I have to buy the datacable separately ? Thank You
  5. S

    Help want to hard reset my phone but alphabets in chinese

    Guys I have an Canvas A110 (canvas 2). It had sony xperia's Custom ROM installed in it. It has stopped functioning so i planned to hard reset it. But the hard reset options are in chinese cud anyone convert it for me. Im uploading pictures of the hard reset menu. Any kind of help or...
  6. anon232

    HD4000 Command line options

    I've a SONY VAIO-F15219 laptop with Intel HD 4000 & NVIDIA GT 740M. Is there any way to use command line options for the different display profiles in Intel HD Graphics Panel?? I tried this but without any success: Intel Graphics
  7. D

    Cabinet recommendation for Rs.5K

    I am considering Corsair 400r. Here in Hyderabad it's around 5500. Would anyone give me other options in that price range of 5k and not more than that ? Or should i go for it ?
  8. akhilc47

    How to purchase windows apps?!!!

    Hi, Does anyone know how can one purchase windows phone apps from store. Recently I played trial version asphalt 7 and it seems worth buying. But Windows having such a few quality apps doesn't offer many payment options either!! It's 55rs only, and seems like a well made game. So I really wanna...
  9. D

    Any branded PCs with Haswell?

    Hi all, Are there any branded PC manufacturers in India who sell Haswell based systems? I have checked the websites of all the popular ones like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer etc and I can't find any of them offering Haswell systems. (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?) Alternatively, does...
  10. A


    I'm planning to buy a camera within next few days and i came up with these two models. Please help me in selecting the nice one.. Other options are also welcome..
  11. A

    Gaming vs Knowledge/Studies and how to balance? [Graphics card opinion]

    I'm 17 years old and currently in First Year Computer Engineering. I really like gaming and computers both. I know basics of C++ , Data structures , OOPS and have ordered "Head First Java" and "SCJP" both by Kathy Sierra to learn Java. I have my whole pc built [i5 Haswell 4570 + 8Gb ram ]...
  12. Mainak23

    Earphones Under 1.5K for HTC Droid Dna

    Hi Guys.. I want to buy a Earphone for HTC Droid Dna under 1.5k.. Kindly Suggest me some options.. My Basic requirements are clarity & Balanced sound.. Here are some options i am thinking about 1. Tekfusion Twinwoofers 2. Sound Magic PL11 or ES 18 Mic option is not must...
  13. L

    PC hangs before boot

    Hello My problem is that when I start my PC it hangs on first screen before booting and goes on boot screen after 5 to 10 minutes. And if I go to bios options it works very slow to move on bios options. Please help me to resolve this issue.
  14. V

    Clone OS from HDD to SSD

    I got a SSD last month. Installed win7 and left 48GB space to clone my existing Win XP SP3 onto second partition on SSD so that i can have win7 and xp on SSD. Today when i used Macrium Reflect to do that, I get a warning (see attachment) about disk geometry with 2 options. Which one to select...
  15. M

    Sony Xperia M vs Samsung Galaxy Core?

    hi folks, confusion between Xperia M & Galaxy Core,which one is good to buy? or tell me other options. i want android smart phone below 15k..??
  16. T

    unlimited non broadband plan

    are there non-broadband( airtel,bsnl,tikona ,etc) options available for good speed unlimited plans?
  17. A

    PPI DIFFERENCE OF 40 ... is it considerable ....????

    hi.. i am planning to buy tablet..... my budget is under 10k .... i am considering of buying above 7 inch tablet.... there are many limited options..... i am cinsidering these following options iball 6318i ---- screen 1200*600 (7") --ppi density - 169.55 iball 9018i ----...
  18. R

    need a new external HDD

    hi, i need a new external hard drive budget 5k 1 TB really tough my only options look like Adata DashDrive HD710 and Transcend StoreJet 25M3
  19. R

    Help: Need a router

    Hi all, I am using Airtel broadband( wired connection; Beetel 110BX1 ADLS2 Modem+Router) and wish to set up wifi at my home. Range should be around 30 ft. Would a router suffice or would I need a modem+router? Please suggest the best option(s) as per my needs. In anticipation. Thanks...
  20. T!M3

    Where can I buy Wii U games in india

    I don't have a credit card. Any other options?
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