1. N

    Space saving desktops

    Hi I am looking out to buy a desktop which saves on space Yes I would like to assemble one but owing to space constraints and the dust which accumulates, would like to keep it simpe The typical options which come to my mind are all in one desktops (non touch) Mac mini other non mac minis if...
  2. ajayritik

    Yureka Problem while getting calls

    Firstly guys Sorry for posting a separate thread on this instead of posting it in the Yureka Discussion thread. However this problem has been annoying from the time I got this phone. It initially started with the phone getting locked and me not able to access any of the options on the phone...
  3. TechPrince

    Weird reslution issue

    I previously had : i5 760 Gigabyte P55-USB3 Sapphire Raedon HD 7770 with 14.12 catalyst drivers. AOC 2236VW connected via DVI cable to GPU Windows 7 x64 Recently i bought AMD FX 6300 processor with Gigabyte 76LMT-USB3 Rev 6 motherboard, formatted and installed Windows 7 SP1 and reinstalled all...
  4. A

    Nexus 4 Battery Buying help.

    I don't know if posting in correct section or not.But need some help.My nexus 4 battery is dead(its swollen and stays for 1-2 hrs only so i am sure its dead).So i need to buy a new one but not sure from where i can buy.I need an OEM one. So what are my options? I can put new one myself if i...
  5. C

    Creative SBS A60

    Hi, I'm planning to get these for my desktop, I wanna know if there are better options available in the same price range, also your views on these speakers. Thanks in advance. :)
  6. D

    New Monitor Advice (1440P/UltraWide/4K)

    Hi, I am planning to upgrade my current monitor. These are my options. 2560 x 1440: 1. Benq BL2710PT . I can get this at 45K from a BenQ Dealer in Lamington Road. 2. Asus PB278Q 2560 x 1080: (Ultrawide) I am considering Ultra wide monitor as I am a web developer and it can increase my...
  7. adityak469

    10/42 Inch TV Suggestion

    40/42 Inch TV Suggestion The title says it all. My sister needs it for watching cable TV and movies through pendrive.(1USB port is enough). Mostly it'll be used for cable TV. Budget is ~30k(she can extend if ultimately necessary) as it'll be a normal 1080p TV (I dont want her to waste money...
  8. ico

    A 14" Laptop with resolution greater than 1366x768. What are my options?

    hello, I need a 14" Laptop with resolution greater than 1366x768. What are my options? 13" would also do but good resolution is a must. Discrete graphic card not important at all.
  9. iSh0w

    Intel CPU Core 2 Duo T5600 1.83Ghz Fsb667Mhz 2Mb Fcpga6 Tray

  10. C

    Alternate Config Suggestion - It gets very hot in Vadodara

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: CS6, VB, Database Testing - Hadoop, MySQL Etc, A Little...
  11. K

    Top 5 Full HD laptops in India ?

    So, I am looking to buy a laptop in next 1-2 days. I am inclined towards Lenovo Y50 but I am afraid it has keyboard/screen issues. I just want to know what other options I have in Full HD 15.6 inch and i7 4th generation ? Let me know please. Cheers
  12. R

    [Review] Asus Maximus 7 Ranger Z97 Motherboard Review

    Introduction: Since their inception, the Asus ROG (Republic Of Gaming) series has been every gamer dream. They have got the ultimate performance, features and a unique sense of style, which worked well with the PC enthusiast and game markets, but often was just too expensive for most. This...
  13. N

    Help me choose the right psu

    Which psu should i choose between these two options: 1. coolermaster thunder 500w 2. crosair vs550?
  14. Siddharthtech

    Need a new gaming laptop

    Hey there! I've just qualified for engineering (IIT Kharagpur :razz:) and need a new lappy for the next four years. My requirements, in order of preference are: 4th Gen Ci7 above 2.2Ghz, turbo boost to minimum 3Ghz (Similar AMD proc would do) 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM Good GPU, anything above GT850M...
  15. Superayush

    Bits Dubai vs VIT vs Manipal vs IPU

    I wish to do b.tech in CS and I want to keep other options ready too so pls comment which are my best options. My mains didn't go well miseed cut off by 1 mark 114 Manipal I got 119 Vit I got rank of 9.8k Bitsat ip are later this month P.S. I also heard some DU colleges have started...
  16. varuog

    Budget Router

    Hi Friends, Please help me in buying a budget router. I am currently using the default router given by my internet network provider (Binatone DT 845W) but recently it has started giving trouble by getting disconnected very frequently. My internet speed is around 16MBPS and around 6 - 10...
  17. pritish_kul2

    Computer-> TV Output Wired/Wirelessly

    Hello guys, I have a HP T730i lying waste with a damaged HP mx704 monitor. So was thinking is it possible to output the screen to my Samsung 32" LCD TV? What are the various options available? Wired can be done using which lead? And is wireless output possible?? Help would be...
  18. D

    Do you own a desktop?

    Desktops are not selling anymore. Laptops are fast enough and are not too costly. Also tablets are available cheaply. I am stating the facts. Look around there are very few shops selling desktops. I want to ask if you own a desktop, what makes you keep one or buy a desktop over other...
  19. RBX

    Compressing Video Lectures (Screen Recordings)

    I need to compress several 720p video lectures. I don't care about how much time is taken in encoding, just want size is to as low as possible while retaining quality at same resolution. I tried encoding a 1 hour long lecture (downloaded from youtube), 390 MB in size using handbrake 9.8. The...
  20. Ronnie11

    External Hard disk(1tb) required for a budget of 4100

    Hey guys, So i need to buy a external hard drive urgently. I looked up at FK and there are a variety of options from 2.5 to 3.5 etc. Getting confused with these options, so was hoping that you could help me with these choices. Honestly i prefer WD over seagate. Have had some poor experience with...
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