1. R

    Looking for a point and shoot

    I am looking for a point and shoot camera with a good optical zoom. I guess 7 megapixels should be good enough. What are my options at 10k?
  2. S

    PMPs: GoGear vs HumX Funk

    I'm looking to buy a new PMP and my requirements are as follows: 1. A neat menu and interface (which obviously includes a decent screen)... that also includes easily accessible features that are not hidden in layers of complex interface. I don't wanna press a lot of buttons to just play a...
  3. S

    In-Earphones needed. Budget 2k.

    My EP-630 decided to give up on me. So i need a new pair of in-earphones asap. I have no problem going in for ep-630 again but i m thinking if there are other options available too.
  4. NewsBytes

    Ubuntu 10.04

    An eagerly looked forward to version of Ubuntu, 10.04 LTS - the Lucid Lynx is a Long Term Supported version, and on face value, replaces the orange look with a pink-purple one. While it is a Multi-User OS, we reviewed it from the perspective of a home user. The installation was a...
  5. D

    suggest a netbook within rs15000/-

    please suggest the best possible netbook within 15k....it will only be used for the most basic purposes but should have a decent current-gen config.what are my options?
  6. T

    need a mobile (range 24k)

    hey guys i need a cellphone 24k range..confused b/w vivaz and satio..camera is my main priority but andoid is second in my lost..if any other options are there please suggest that also.. thanks :):razz::-P
  7. B

    Upgrading old monsters to USB 3.0

    Hello folks.. I have a few desktops and laptops that i'd like to join the USB 3.0 group. What options are available in India? I'd also like to buy a few USB 3.0 2.5 Inch casings.
  8. V

    When buying TV tuner cards which are must have features and which card is best?

    Hi all.... I am new to TV tuner cards... Which TV tuner card has more features and what options do TV tuner cards have what are the must have features of them? Please mention model numbers, etc Thanks
  9. elton_1991

    PLZ help me in buying a mobile between 19-22K

    Hi guys,I need help for buying a new mobile..budgets between 19-22K and main use would be: 1)Touch screen/QWERTY+touch above 3'' 2)minimum 3.2MP cam with flash(5MP preferred) 3)good battery life(since i browse the net or chat alot and listen to music for 3-4 hrs a day :ashamed:) 4)3.5mm jack...
  10. The Sorcerer

    Gigabyte 880GMA-UD2H Review

    Matx boards have come a long way since they were introduced. Buyers at times (even now) are skeptical when they get a system with a matx board because of their “limitations”. But there are certain features that the users don’t even require. End users deem that limitations will always be...
  11. boeing_737

    Netbook help

    Hi all, I am looking for a simple netbook, preferably with a linux OS for around 16k and have come up with these : Asus 1005 HA Samsung N140 Any other options are welcome. Also, any leads to places where I can get them in Bangalore would be great. Thanks a lot. -yogesh
  12. drsethi

    Monitor Problem

    I have 15 inch LCD Monitor. There is no display on bootup but LED blinks. If I HIT the monitor then display comes. Similarly if display goes off as under power options, there is same problem. If I attach another monitor then there is no problem. This problem is both with Linux and Windows.
  13. A

    laptop with no operating system?

    Is it possible to purchase a brand new laptop with no operating system? If yes.. what all options do i have..
  14. A

    Best Digicam for 15k

    Hi, I wanna buy a digicam for my lil sister and my budget is around 15k. I tried searching for options on the net but got really confused. So far I've sort of shortlisted Nikon S640 and Sony Cybershot T90. My requirements are: Atleast 12 MP, 4X optical zoom, good photo quality...
  15. quan chi

    how to disable bitdefender 2010 internet security.

    guys i have bit defender 2010 internet security.i am not finding any options to disable it. i want to disable it for sometime is there any way.please help.
  16. tweety_bird_bunny

    n97 vs iphone vs androids...????

    hi, i wabt to buy a new high end smart phone, but am confused about some of the options... options are n97 mini, n97, iphone 3gs, android phones... if i compare n97/mini n iphone 3gs, whichone should be preferred, like in terms of s/w support n other features.. also android market is gaining...
  17. ritesh.techie

    IE Tweaker Fix/repair/tweak internet explorer

    IE Tweaker is a freebie that will help to fix various issues with Internet Explorer. It has also a great number of fixes/tweaks that will help you to enable/disable any options with ease and without getting in to registry. IE Tweaker will be a great utility for those, who don’t want to play with...
  18. revolt

    please help in information regarding jobs.

    hi all i have passed B.E mech from mumbai university. actually my poblem is that though i got first class in my final year.but my aggregate is below 60%. therefore i am bit worried that there might not be many companies hiring with this options. therefore i want to try for UPSC exam. i...
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