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  • If you are not an app junkie,Lumia 800 will serve you nicely[but for reading books a 4.2 inch screen of gs2 seems better]
    Have not tested any 1080p video,but 720p encodes with Zune sw works fine.
    BTW please do not call me sir,I am not that old.
    Arc: 32bit Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255
    Arc S: 32bit Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255T


    They seem different. One extra "T" don't know what that is
    I don't think ARC S is an overclocked arc. But I am not sure. Just verify that. I was in XDA when they showed how to OC arc to 1.4ghz but at the same time arc s was taken to 1.8ghz. Not too sure if it's the same proc both have got.

    Where did you read that it's an overclocked arc?
    I have only played the videos captured by its own camera which are 720p again but of low bit rate (obviosuly) but good in quality.
    I once downloaded a 720p anime in .mkv format and used a decoder to play the movie and it handled it pretty well without lag. It was impressive.

    Do note that I have the older (ouch!) Arc not the Arc S.
    hi i am going to buy dv6-6165tx in a couple of days just wanted to know how is the laptop does it have any heating problem while playing games
    heyy ncycod!! i m looking forward to buy the same laptop (dv6-6165tx)
    I live in bhopal.. and want to know the ideal price of this model. thanx
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