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  1. NoasArcAngel

    DoT may ask Airtel to stop 3G services in seven circles

    DoT may ask Airtel to stop 3G services in seven circles: Report - Mobile Phone | ThinkDigit News
  2. bubusam13

    A little hope : INTERNET Quality of Service

    SOURCE: Operators to be fined for poor broadband service Seriously I welcome this move of TRAI. But is this applicable for BSNL? What if the operator donot have base station or mobile tower in a area? My BSNL EVDO sucks. BSNL guys told me that the CDMA tower is located far and they have...
  3. ajooba215

    Any idea about special numbers?

    okay..i am seeking a meaningful help from all you intelligent people out there. I have thought of a business plan and need to get a special number like 5 digit or 6 digit number running on all the operators nation wide. I've heard its very exhausting process to get a new number authenticated...
  4. KDroid

    iPhone 3GS re-launched at Rs. 19,990

    Read it here. Decent price... :)
  5. motobuntu

    Controlling C# application by phone.

    I have to make a software using C# which can be controlled by dialling a phone number. Users can browse through different categories, select and play videos of their choice, just like the on demand music channels which most of the local cable operators run. Please guide, even some online...
  6. M

    Indian operators may skip 3G; hold out for 4G instead

    The Indian Government has acted in its usual pace -- slow as molasses and delayed the process of bringing 3G in India. So much so, that operators are thinking of skipping over 3G entirely and are already waiting for 4G. More.......
  7. O

    Airtel Now the Fifth Largest Network in terms of Minutes talked on a network.

    Bharti Airtel has been declared as the fifth largest operator in the world on the basis of minutes talked on a network. It achieved 141 billion mobile minutes on its network way ahead of other operators such as sprint, Movil and so on. The only networks which were ahead are - The four other...
  8. abhijit_reddevil

    Transport strike in Kolkata

    Strike leaves Kolkata commuters in the lurch Kolkata, Jul 24 (PTI) The metropolis wore a deserted look today as private buses, minibuses and autorickshaw operators went on an indefinite strike after their meeting with the West Bengal government on a high court order banning 15-year-old vehicles...
  9. topgear

    India to phase out Chinese handsets by April 13

    New Delhi, April 4 (IANS) Cheap Chinese handsets that do not have an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) - a unique 15-digit identity code - will be phased out from the Indian market by April 13, industry operators said. The Department of Telecom (DoT) has directed telephone...
  10. Pragadheesh


    hi, how to find factorial of a number(from 1 to 10) without using, >loop statements like for, while, do while. >conditional operators like if, case. >arithmetic operators like + , - , * , % , /, ++, --.??!! is there anyway to do so using logical operators.!!
  11. Vyasram

    Getting a mobile number of my choice

    I want to have a sim with a desired mobile number. I want the sequence 6464435 to be a part of my mobile number ( eg 98-6464455-1 or 9996464435) . Do mobile operators allow me to choose my number this way? Which mobile operators allow me to choose numbers this way? How can I get them and is...
  12. Vyasram

    Buying Advice: SE k810i vs Nokia N73

    This is my first post in this section, on buying my first mobile phone. I've narrowed down my options to k810i and N73. I'd like to know the performance of those phones in the following Camera: Photos and videos Sound quality: both earpiece and loudspeaker ( I'm not a big music fan - so I'm...
  13. s18000rpm

    US faces $100 Billion Fine for Web Gaming Ban

    Panellists at a trade forum criticised the US government for going back on commitments made to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in regards to internet gaming. The forum believes that the US could be liable for up to $100 billion in trade concessions to European industries after placing illegal...
  14. naveen_reloaded


    Updated on 27th july: Bharti Airtel Ltd., India's largest wireless phone services provider, offers 3G services in several locations, including Seychelles, Jersey in the Channel Islands, and soon Sri Lanka, but plans to launch their services in India have not yet been solidified. Bharti...
  15. W

    can BSNL be sued for not providing "equal" up speed?

    Can BSNL's Dataone service be sued in a an consumer forum for not providing "equal" upload speeds? When other operators are doing so, why cant BSNL do the same?
  16. Simple_Graduate

    3G or Wimax

  17. Simple_Graduate

    Making money from mobiles

    Once the intermediaries between telecom and media companies, mobile aggregators are now an industry by themselves Namitha Jagadeesh in Businessworld I wonder why the cost of "value added services" is between 6 and 30 rupees, while for calls it's only 80 paise??? These companies are...
  18. devaraj

    Cellular Operators Share Thier Towers

    Source : www.blonnet.com/2006/03/14/stories/2006031403480400.htm Leaving behind their rivalry, the GSM and CDMA based mobile operators today operationalised the initiative to share infrastructure, a move that would reduce cost and ultimately tariffs for the consumers. As part of that...
  19. iinfi

    Beceem offers WiMax to cell operators

    Beceem offers WiMax to cell operators so ....started jumping ??? :) :) :D
  20. S

    TV Tuner woes

    guys, until recently i believed that buying a tv tuner card for a computer doesnt do any harm to the comp.. but then a friend came along and told me that using a tv tuner could do some damage.. coz many cable operators send a small dc voltage along with the transmission to avoid people...
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