1. aal-ok

    Which phone to buy?

    i am about to buy a new phone, budget, ~15k will be used for, gaming, movies, music, and internet. my shortlist- lenovo zuk z1 and redmi note 3. which one should i buy? i will buy it next month, and if you have any other phone in this range then please tell me.
  2. bubusam13

    Moto G4 Plus or Redmi Note 3 or Lenovo ZUK Z2 or One plus 2

    Hi, have sorted our these mobiles. Which one would be a good choice ? Moto G4 Plus or Redmi Note 3 or Lenovo ZUK Z2 or One plus 2
  3. vedula.k95

    Stuck in a dillema.

    Hello Forums, I don't need to explain you guys the hype surrounded with Redmi Note 3,right? well help me out with this situation,today I successfully got Redmi note 3 in my cart and didn't got COD option IDK why? it was mentioned in the product page that the product will be available in the...
  4. vedula.k95

    Redmi Note 3 or Meizu M3 Note?

    Hello Forum, This week I ordered two Redmi Note 3 phone from Amazon,because my friend opted for one and when the package arrived he refused to buy it,I have called amazon regarding this matter they said that I have to redeem both the product and I have to send one back to them,I mean WTF where I...
  5. V

    One Plus X or Redmi Note 3?

    Which one should I buy under 15K? One Plus X or Redmi Note 3 I need a better camera and display
  6. S

    Which mobile should I buy K3 Note or Vibe K4 Note?

    I am wandering which mobile I should buy K3 Note or Vibe K4 Note?
  7. G

    mi note 3 or moto x2 which to buy

    I want to buy a new phone ....previously I was thinking about buying moto x2 because of the price drop but now launch of mi note 3 has me confused.... Please help thnx
  8. reddead

    Moto G 3rd Gen or Redmi Note 3

    Hey guys, I am planning to buy a new mobile and i am really confused between Moto G 3rd gen and Redmi Note 3... I was all for Moto unless Redmi was released. Though i know that redmi wins on paper on all aspects but i really really hate MIUI OS. I am currently using a redmi note 4g and i...
  9. vedula.k95

    Redmi Note 3 or Redmi 3?

    Hey guys What should I go for Redmi 3 or Redmi Note 3? or should I wait for some more miracles? :sad_NF::sad_NF:
  10. Cyberghost

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an upcoming role-playing video game, set in the 15th century medieval Kingdom of Bohemia with a focus on historically accurate and realistic content. The game will be a single-player experience with branching quest lines and a highly interactive world encouraging...
  11. A

    new flagship phone

    hi everyone my sister has galaxy note 3 and she now wants to upgrade. shes looking for phones with fast charging feature. she was thinking of note 5 but got discouraged due to no expandable memory. i have thought of : nexus 5x sony z5 premium lumia 950 moto turbo what do u guys think?are...
  12. savithk

    Meizu m2 vs Meizu m2 note

    can anybody explain ....what is the basic difference between ...Meizu m2 vs Meizu m2 note.....i am confused :-(
  13. samaresh7

    Urgent: Need expert advise about Lenovo K3 Note..

    Ordered Lenovo K3 note today, but my friends are saying it has major heating problems, heats up to 50C...also many reviews in flipkart saying the same..should i cancel my order??. But some online reviews are saying that the heating issue is fixed after OTA updates..should i believe that?? I am...
  14. ravi847

    Suggest a good ROM for Redmi note 3g

    Hello guys I am a user of redmi note 3g and am currently using the Jotiki rom based AOSP. Its stable but battery drain is somewhat high and also I am bored with this ROM. So please suggest some good stable roms that you have used. Also provide links.
  15. samaresh7

    best sub 10k mobile..suggestions please..

    1. Budget? Not more than 10k 2. Display type and size? 5.5'', FHD if possible, protected with corning gorilla glass must. 3. Dual sim? yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? any reputed international brand with service availability in india. 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing...
  16. A

    Note 5 vs Galaxy S6 edge+ vs Galaxy S edge

    Planning to buy a phone within a month. Kindly suggest between these 3 Note 5 vs Galaxy S6 edge+ vs Galaxy S edge.
  17. happy17292

    Mobile to replace ipad mini (pdf, ebooks, websurfing) under 10k

    1. Budget : 10k max, although would prefer something under 7.5k if possible. 2. Display type and size: biggest possible. 5.5-6" would be great if possible within my budget 3. Dual sim: doesn't matter 4. Preferred choice of brand: any brand as long as its reliable. I wish to use this mobile...
  18. meetdilip

    Redmi Note 4G battery drains quickly

    I have a 4 month old Redmi Note 4G. Since last two days, battery is draining pretty quickly. Assuming it is covered under warranty, how can I get it replaced ?
  19. G

    Note 4 - android version ?

    Hello, to all of you. I want to Download Android's 5.0.1 version from SamMobile for Note 4, but I am in little confusion to which version to download : 1. Download firmware: N910GDTU1BOH2_N910GODD1BOE1_INS - SamMobile 2. Download firmware: N910GDTU1BOH2_N910GODD1BOE1_INU - SamMobile Is there...
  20. V

    Want to buy note 4

    I want to buy note 4 next month.. 91 mobiles has put 15% cashback offer money refunded within 4 weeks... Is the offer a hoax or did someone buy using the coupon... Please help
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