1. speedyguy

    C/C++ Querry: Random input

    m a noob...ok a bit better than a noob.... so m desgining an animation program whr i need a halt an on going animation.. so my querry is - which command do i use to randomly get an input while a process is active... for eg. an animation is goin on in an infinite loop....i want user 2...
  2. D@rekills4

    Screen Recording

    Well I wanted to know if there was any good screen recording software?? Don't tell me Hyper-Cam. Its really noob!
  3. S

    web site creation help wanted!

    hi guys my friend's father is a contractor. he wants 2 cr8 a website abt his company. can u guys help me help him 2 cr8 a website. i just need 2 know wat all ways can a website b cr8ted. i'm nor even a noob at xml/html. i dont know abt xml and html i think i'll learn if i have 2. so plz...
  4. ajaybc

    How to recognise a n00b

    Well.....I saw several posts/threads in this forum with the word "n00b/noob". Many call this word to refer to inexperienced or ignorant people.(I get called noob while playing Call of Duty online:rolleyes::D) So yesterday after one guy in Call of Duty called me a noob I did a little google...
  5. krates

    Bought N73 ME please suggest appz,games,themes and tweaks

    Hey all i bought n73ME this set is really cool ( I am mobile NOOB ) please suggest some appz ,games,themes, tweaks pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Thanks krates
  6. Plasma_Snake

    A Noble Noob

    Hi Guys I'm a total noob in the field of Open Source i.e Linux, so would really appreciate ur help if u guys Help me out. I've left a 60GB raw unpartitioned space on my HDD and want to install Linux on it. So I did went through my Linux installation video of CBT Nuggets but they showed RedHat...
  7. M

    earn from net

    hi.... i want to make some mony from the net is it possible and how? can u help me/ i am a complete noob in web designing and all that stuff what do u think?????
  8. coolpcguy

    Review my blog, please?

    Hey folks! I'm running a blog dedicated to Linux and openSource over at * Would love to hear some feedback/comments/criticism from you all. And yes, I'm a noob when it comes to Web Tech, so any guidance would be really helpful! Thanks & Cheers! Sathya
  9. Ecko

    Noob Linux User

    We'll i just thought of moving to Linux from Windows I need a liitle help Need a linux which requires no terminal commands (yes I'm fed up by terminal) A very very good & customizable GUI GUI for doing everything (ex configuring Internet Connection) A friend of mine reconed me OS PCLINUX What...
  10. ilugd

    Suggest laptop for Rs. 40k to 50k

    I have a user who is looking to buy a laptop for his personal use. He usually works just the usual msoffice, outlook stuff. He is also good with songs so he would want to have a good music collection. Maybe a few video albums. Not much else though he is creative and would like to play around...
  11. Zen

    Overclocking AMD Processors

    I have a 4200+ Windsor core Motherboard : M2N MX - SE Ram - 1 GB Dynet - 5-5-5-15 i think (screenshots posted) Temp *C :- 37-38 normal / 42-43 on max load. would love to overclock it a little bit without damaging. im a noob at if anyone can explain it in a few steps i would...
  12. piyushp_20

    How to download via torrent

    hey guys i jst wanted to donwload songs via the torrents so can anyone explain the step by step guide to download it. i m a noob in this so please ..........................
  13. faraaz

    Your Favorite Desktop Environment

    Hi All, Just a general poll I wanted to conduct to see what everyone prefers here. Pretty selfexplanatory really...what is your favorite desktop environment, and why?? What makes you love it so much? I'm a noob still with Linux, so if I missed out on any other major options, just vote for...
  14. V

    Red Hat 8.0 Noob help

    Linux noob here i have few files to be copied from my university Lab Pc,having red hat 8.0 installed dual boot with xp,has Usb Ports & Floopy drive wats the way for copying files to & fro either using a pen drive or a floopy need help on this as i am noob in linux
  15. Gigacore

    Disgusting Link Found in Ubuntu Website!!!!

    Disgusting Link Found in Ubuntux Website!!!! Snipped By Giga... such old a thread.. i posted this when i was a NOOB here...
  16. J

    Noob question

    Hi friends, I am a complete noob in linux. I have installed sabayon. it looks very good. i want to know how to install softwares eg: pppoe client which is having extension tar. plz help.
  17. saROMan

    Help wanted from GPRS/WAP Users..............

    Ok finally got my Hands on Dad's New LG G1600 GPRS has lot of features Like Internet Connectivity,Java etc etc...The Service provider is Hutch(i am currently in Chennai) i dont have a Damn Idea how to use it to Browse Net or any Wap Sites etc......when i click on Internet it...
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