1. Nanducob

    how to increase your post count tutorial

    due to the fact that i totalling nearly 1000 posts i a here to publish the secrets of increasing posts in forum. i was a loser before i had ony less than 69 posts people would hate me because i looked like a noob with 100 posts. I was depressed had no girlfriend and was mental...
  2. sahil1033

    Lenovo E49 touchpad error

    Features like scrolling down and swapping running applications in Windows 8 is not working, what to do? p.s. - It's my first time with Windows 8, so, sorry for being a noob.
  3. powerhoney

    Buying laptop from

    Hey, guys... Am thinking about buying the following laptop from Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p Laptop (2.40GHz 1600MHz 6MB, 8 GB, 1 TB, Windows 8 64 bit) - Black | Please tell me anything and everything that I should know about buying internationally... My queries are: 1. What...
  4. flyingcow

    [Complaint] Satan sent RAM- HYNIX

    After a vacation of about 4-5 days, I switched on my pc, checked net speed (Recent ddos, cablecuts) and opened TDF. Immediately my PC hanged, I couldnt move my mouse, keyboard was dead and the red sensor of my mouse wasnt showing up. So i had to turn it off directly :( , but when I switched on I...
  5. C


    New here and wanted to give shout out to all my bhai-logh or digizens as I read someplace. Point me out to if anyone wants to. I am pretty green horned when it comes to tech so would be great to learn. Hoping for good times. S
  6. Anish

    Decent Card for around 2k

    Hi friends, My friend needs a good graphics card to play nfs most wanted (the latest version) I am a total noob in this case. So kindly help to buy a good graphics card. Budget ~ 2K Thanks.
  7. ico

    Tikona Broadband - noob spammers <-- most hilarious one.
  8. D

    laptop 30-35k

    budget : 25k-30k notebook: 15" //flexible brand : HP/DELL task: simple ppt , office , skype , NO GAMING additional: would help if it looks good // sorry , girls have a thing wid looks :| the following are the priories in the given order 1) AFTER SALES SERVICE (MUMBAI) 2) GOOD BATTERY...
  9. gurujee

    Help me nabbing a cheater

    my friend is being cheated and she is doing it 2nd time. Is it possible to know from an IP address, that what other email accounts is being accessed from that IP or computer ? We know her current email ID' password, so could know its IP from 'last account activity'. I think sheis using...
  10. ashintomson

    need help in O.C gtx 285

    hey guys am oc'ing my old gpu gtx 285 ( - XFX GX285NZDFF GeForce GTX 285 1GB 512-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card) i am a total noob in o.c'ing so i need help from first step .. please help me with this .. Rig- amd x2 6000 mobo- asus m4a78e 2*2 ddr2
  11. K

    Suggest Me The Best Gaming Headsets Under 6k!

    Hi, I am looking for some good gaming headsets under 6k. I'll be using them mainly for gaming and for watching movies on my phone/iPad. I'll also be carrying them while travelling so I don't really want something that is extra large. More details on what I need: Budget: 6k Usage: Mainly for...
  12. U

    harddisk and flash drive

    Hi, I going to buy a harddisk,please suggest which is the best right now to buy?Please also do tell me about the prices of 500gb/250 gb harddisk. Please also tell me about external and portable harddisk,their prices and whats the difference btw external and portable I also looking to...
  13. revolt

    Posts getting deleted.

    These days i have observed that my posts are not taken in a good sense.People are just going on deleting my post.I dont know why. I just want this forum free of useless arrogant stupid noob spammers.
  14. U

    Buying a LCD/LED monitor...

    Hi, I want to buy a lcd/led which should be very cool on eyes and great on HD display My budget is ~5-7k Please also tell me which is good lcd or led??? I am a noob :-) .... thank you.
  15. reddead

    Ram support for motherboard-suggestion needed

    my friend is upgrading the ram of his 5 year old PC.... He is not sure if all types of ram will be supported.... Specifications motherboard- Intel® Desktop Board D845GVSR processor-p4 current ram-256mb HDD-80gb i am myself a noob at all this.... he is asking about this particular...
  16. R

    URGENT BUYING by tomorrow 2pm

    need a laptop requirements i am a gamer & want the lappy to atleast run fifa13 when it releases budget 40000-50000 what should i buy sorry for the noob questions but this is my 1st lappy so not much idea abt the rest
  17. Who

    Three Things I Learned In Randa, Switzerland

    Hello guys last week i attended my first developer sprint in Randa, Switzerland and it was sponsored by KDE for the travels & accommodation, i have written a blog post based on my experience there that i would like to share with you all, Continued : Three Things I Learned In Randa « Who is who ?
  18. doomgiver

    haha, pwned by WoW hotkeys

    Can’t Let You HotKey That, Kwakmeister! : HALOLZ what a noob!!! someone give him a crash course!!
  19. Krow

    foobar2000 noob

    I am experimenting with various audio players. I downloaded foobar2000 and was poking around only to be unable to find a shuffle mode. I tried looking for plugins but I couldnt find any(bit of a noob!). Also I need a plugin which would allow me to view items in the library by song(and not album...
  20. Dark Star

    Blender noob

    I am total noob in blender. I missed all the tutorials published in lfy and my sis sold those to kabadhi wala I can't help it now.. I want to get started with blender. I tried it a bit but its intimidating for a newbie in 3d.. So I request you guys to link me to the easiest of the easiest...
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