Ram support for motherboard-suggestion needed


my friend is upgrading the ram of his 5 year old PC....
He is not sure if all types of ram will be supported....

motherboard- Intel® Desktop Board D845GVSR
current ram-256mb

i am myself a noob at all this....
he is asking about this particular ram-Flipkart: Transcend DDR3 1 GB PC RAM (JM1333KLU-1G): Ram

he needs to buy it online via a site with COD facility only...
suggestions and links required


BMG ftw!!
He can't run a DDR3 RAM with his uber old socket 478 based system. He will need DDR1 RAM, which are not easily availible in the market. 1GB module would cost your friend around 1300/-

But upgrading that rig isn't recommended. End of line.

Ask him to build a new rig instead of wasting money on his old rig.
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