1. M

    Buying a console On this Diwali--Need advice

    i was about to buy a gaming laptop, but those plans were called off for atleast an year. so, again in search of the right gaming device. This is going to be my first gaming device. I am a casual gamer, may be just on weekends. (but my wife is a real gaming enthusiast) . I am in the market...
  2. vickybat

    Nintendo Announces 2DS for Playing 3DS Games in 2D

    Don't know if this was indeed a requirement but nevertheless, is a good addition to Nintendo's handheld lineup. Nintendo Announces 2DS for Playing 3DS Games in 2D The pricing is pretty competitive as well considering it plays all 3ds games, albeit in 2d.
  3. H

    E3 2013 Details + Hype thread

    Date: June 11 - 13 2013 Notable Exhibitors: 505 Activision Blizzard Atlus Bethesda Capcom CD Projekt RED Crytek D3Publisher Deep Silver Disney Electronic Arts Epic Konami Microsoft Namco Bandai Natsume Nintendo Rebellion Sega Sony Square Enix Take Two Tecmo Koei Telltale...
  4. H

    Is Nintendo Doomed?

    Yes - They shouldn't enter a market that has crashed so spectacularly and stick to their successful arcade and game & watch lines. Yes - SEGAs foothold established by the Mega Drive is too strong. Nintendo will never be able to break it. Yes - They cannot hope to compete with a juggernaut...
  5. H

    Person sees in 3D for the first time on the Nintendo 3DS.

    Burning North : 124 Millimeters of Depth
  6. NoasArcAngel

    Nitendo Wii-U decrypted. Welcome to the dark side

    Modding Team Claims to Have Cracked the Wii U with what could spell, trouble for the new consoles already gloomy future and nintendo. This is turning out to be quite the opposite of what nintendo wanted.
  7. vickybat

    Nintendo To Discontinue The DS?

    Finally DS is going to retire and for good. It was an extremely successful console and the only thing in history to come close to ps2 in sales. It seems all those rumors of DS eventually beating the ps2 in most number of sales can be put to rest now. Although i personally don't like the kind of...
  8. H

    Nintendo may not hold an E3 conference this year.

    In their investors meeting on E3: Can't wait for the rhetoric to start. This move makes sense though. They have clearly been de emphasizing their e3 conferences and dropping even more bombs on Nintendo Direct. This seems like a logical continuation of this trend. David Gibson...
  9. H

    Scumbag Nintendo: Makes Year of Luigi special 3DS LL/XL. Mario appears on it too.

    Front: Back: The culprit has the red rectangle around him. What is the meaning of this Nintendo? Can't Luigi get the spotlight for himself once? (inb4 Luigi's Mansion)
  10. CommanderShawnzer

    Why doesn't nintendo have an official presence in India?

    Why?Do the Japs in Nintendo think that India is a poor country where people can't afford games!? :x
  11. R

    Nintendo Game-cube / N64

    Hey everyone! Does anybody in Mumbai have the Nintendo Game cube or/and Nintendo N64? I need to take a picture with it, it's for a competition and needs to be submitted by Sunday! Please respond if you have it. Thanks n cheers!
  12. H

    Japanese Vita sales collapse back to pre price cut levels

    Ouch. Sold ~15k this week as opposed to ~20k last week according to media create reports. The 3DS also fell, but not as bad as the Vita (~47k as opposed to 56k last week). This can't be good for Sony who were already losing money per Vita sold. For Nintendo OTOH, The 3DS is making money...
  13. H

    Nintendo vs. Sony vs, Microsoft

    Whom do you like? Who do you hate? I think Nintendo is the best due to their awesome first party library and the third party exclusives they manage to snag. I also like the facts they are willing to experiment with their consoles/games. I also like them because they rescued Bayonetta 2 and...
  14. H

    Nintendo Wii U - sequel to the smash hit Wii | No trolling

    //MOD: This thread is for Nintendo Wii U only. For anything related to Xbox One, post here: * PS4 fans post here...
  15. B

    Nintendo wii U to go on sale in Japan by end of month

    Nintendo wii U to go on sale in Japan by end of month Also Nintendo's Wii U games console will be sold at a loss That's the strategy to win the market in tough times :) Source bbc
  16. theserpent

    E3 2012

    I know its a bit early to open the thread.But let us discuss what games might be show in E3 :-D E3 2012: What to expect from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft (Wired UK) So its sure that they are showing AC3,Boderlands 2,dota 2. But what the hell No GTA 5 :( Games to be shown
  17. Rockstar11

    What is the current price of "Nintendo Wii" console in india

    What is the current price of "Nintendo Wii" console in india? What is the current price of "Nintendo Wii" console in india?? :confused:
  18. O

    Queries on Nintendo Wii

    Dear All, I have the below 2 queries on Wii:- 1. Where can i buy a Nintendo Wii from Kolkata? Approx. price plz. 2. If i get a Nintendo Wii Sports Resort Pak (PAL) from Germany, will i be able to use it back in India? Thanks in advance, Troy.
  19. NewsBytes

    NPD sales results for Jan 2010 - Wii wins, PlayStation 3 comes in last, Mass Effect 2 sells 572k cop

      The NPD results for Jan 2010 are in, courtesy NeoGAF. The verdict: more of the same -- Nintendo consoles lead, between the HD consoles, the Xbox 360 wins over the Sony PlayStation 3,  and what finally looks like the beginning of the end-days for the Sony PlayStation 2. As for the games -- Mass...
  20. desiibond

    Nintendo Profit Halved as Wii Console Sales Slow

    For the last few years Nintendo has been riding high on the runaway success of the Wii console but now that success appears to slowing considerably. Sales and profit at the Japanese games company fell sharply during the first half of its financial year as demand for the console dropped. Nintendo...
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