1. ramakanta

    Laptops, Ultrabooks and Netbooks

    What is different betweens Laptops, Ultrabooks and Netbooks???.Actually I am Confused about these terms.if possible please help me with details. :-( Thank You.
  2. nginx

    Suggestion for low power file server build

    I am looking to build a file server on the cheap, preferably within 10k budget excluding hard drives. It just needs to have enough grunt to stream 1080p movies over wifi and keep a single browser tab open to keep my internet logged in. Low power consumption is my key requirement for this...
  3. S

    Netbook within 15-20k...

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a netbook with 15-20k within this diwali. I need the netbook for three main reasons: 1. Browsing and surfing the internet which would involve watching online videos, video calling etc. 2. Watching movies 3. Working on MS Office. I am totally new to netbooks so...
  4. V

    Laptop for MBA student - 13" Screen - 23/25K - not more than 1.7Kg

    What's your Budget -> 23-25K What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? MS Office work, HD Videos, Web Surfing What size and weight considerations do you have? Screen at-least 13" - weight max 1.7kg Any brand that you prefer, or any brand that you detest? No to Acer, Lenovo and...
  5. prateek007391

    Net Book for Internet Cafe

    I am planning to start Internet Cafe in my City. I have some Desktop PC's and 2 Printers right now. However because of Electricity Problem, I thought that It would be nice if I use NetBooks because they are power effective and have long battery life. So I am planning to buy about 5 net books...
  6. Panchu

    Suggest a Netbook within 15k-18k

    I had a look at the Toshiba NB550D and it sounded like a good deal. Any reviews? Suggestions? If there are any other good netbooks in the price range, please let me know. I wish to buy it in a week. Thank you :)
  7. TheLetterD

    The iPad owner's thread(reviews for apps, troubleshooting, peripherals etc.)

    Umm if any admin.s are viewing this, pls delete this thread as I have posted it again under the Laptops, netbooks, tablets category Thankyou
  8. icebags

    Netbooks can play HD videos ?

    who can tell if the netbooks ( brand/model ? ) can play HD videos of atleast 720p flawlessly ? :D
  9. T

    Google launches Chrome OS for netbooks

    Hi Google is always known for its innovative technologies, and this time, we come across Google’s OS for netbooks, i.e. Google Chrome OS. The Chrome OS is totally based on cloud computing. There is no requirement for hard drive, no additional application installation required; the only thing...
  10. K

    Best laptop at 30k..

    My budget is 30-32k.. i need a laptop for net surfing, watching movies and desktop publishing.. i dont need netbooks.. pls tell me a good lap.. dell and hp preferred.. pls help me..
  11. celldweller1591

    MeeGo for Netbooks released !

    The Intel- and Nokia-backed MeeGo project released version 1.0 of an open source operating system optimized for Intel Atom-based netbooks. MeeGo v1.0 for Netbooks -- which we found to be speedy -- comprises Google's Chrome browser, Nokia's Qt 4.6, plus a variety of other tools, and will be...
  12. celldweller1591

    Intel's Linux based Meego OS

    Intel is developing an edition of the Linux-based Meego OS that will work on mainstream laptops and desktops, a company executive said this week. The chip maker released the first editions of Meego to developers in late March. One edition was for netbooks running on Intel's Atom chips, and...
  13. S

    Help me on Selecting a Netbook

    Hi friends, I thought to buy a Netbook for my by birthday.My budget is 15k-16.5k in that range i have founded the following Models.Please help me to select any one from this or give your suggestions 1,Aspire one (AOD 250 with Dos) 15500 2,Aspire one (AOD 250 with XP) 16500 3,Samsung (ND128...
  14. NewsBytes

    Intex jumps into the netbook game

     Just as we report that desktop and laptop PC sales have declined considerably in the last year while netbooks have been immune to this drop, Intex Technologies has launched its own entry into the segment. Say hello to the confusingly named "Intex N101-WC1100". Hopefully, this will be the only...
  15. R

    are netbooks worth buying?

    hi i have been looking for a portable laptop for some time now. and i have seen all these netbooks being launched one after the other. i am looking to do my office work presentations and net surfing , can i go for a netbook. one thing i am not sure of is the durability of them. and why do u...
  16. A

    Can netbooks run photoshop?

    I have been following netbooks right from the time the Asus EEE PC 701 was launched and have read most of the popular reviews on the net regarding most netbooks which have been launched till now. But in no review have I seen the reviewers mentioning something about image editing on these...
  17. V

    Now HP drop Linux bomb-with HP Mini-1000 MIE

    Seriously I am one of the so called HP haters..because it made life miserable for the Linux users, not allowing any customizing in their existing Vista ZZZZ ranges, they forced me buy a vista home edition when I am asking a decent Linux / or without any bundled OS... for my laptop need... O.K...
  18. Sathish

    Google Linux Desktop has arrived..

    source : Google Linux Desktop source : Android netbooks on their way ikely by 2010 Google start their OS with Android Desktop.. sources says that it will launched by 2010 in Netbooks.. Is 2010 the toughest year for Microsoft.. ??
  19. T

    Simmtronics Launches 10.2-Inch Netbook

    Simmtronics which is better known for its inexpensive memory modules, has decided to venture into the netbook segment with the announcement of the company's first netbook, based on Intel's Atom mobile CPU. This netbook will be available in the Indian market this year. The company plans to...
  20. INS-ANI

    Ubuntu's Partnership With ARM

    :D the world is really changing...
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