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Can netbooks run photoshop?

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I have been following netbooks right from the time the Asus EEE PC 701 was launched and have read most of the popular reviews on the net regarding most netbooks which have been launched till now.

But in no review have I seen the reviewers mentioning something about image editing on these machines.

My query is for those who own a netbook or have used one.

Can a netbook running an Intel Atom N270 processor handle Adobe photoshop or GIMP?
Is it possible to use the image editing programs if the RAM is upgraded to 2GB?

P.S: I have never used either Photoshop or GIMP. I want to learn how to use these image editing programs. Please reply accordingly.
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Krazy Bluez

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It's possible to run PS but you have to use the older version though...the new CS (and above) require heavy amount of ram usage which is not possible for a netbook....I would suggest you to use PS 7.0, it's easier

But above all use Paint.NET...it's an alternative to PS but it's free....search in google to get it...

If you want tutorials for PS head over to http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/10-websites-to-make-you-a-photoshop-ninja/
Beware this is used for the new versions of PS....
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