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Now HP drop Linux bomb-with HP Mini-1000 MIE

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Seriously I am one of the so called HP haters..because it made life miserable for the Linux users, not allowing any customizing in their existing Vista ZZZZ ranges, they forced me buy a vista home edition when I am asking a decent Linux / or without any bundled OS... for my laptop need... O.K.. that was now History..
Let us forget my past rant..
when I opened the particular subject in slash dot I was skeptical at first,, then the whole of the networld is spining the same story with the visualization doing a biggest market blitz that storm the E- world after the Asus EEPC appearance...
Hp after allowing their rivals celebrates their victory in the netbooks area, come with their own version of netbooks and stunningly beautiful interface (Yes...it is the HP's own interface that prevent the users/customers to know that they are running Linux...

* HP has been increasingly dabbling in operating system refinement and the user experience.
* By customizing Linux it HP is illustrating that the open source OS is still too complicated for the average bear on the desktop.
* However, if HP–and others–start improving the user experience of desktop Linux it could be an emerging threat to Windows.

When you look at the netbook market–and its growth–you realize that these mobile Internet devices are really a Trojan horse for desktop Linux
now some of the stunners and full story





Honestly speaking that's completely true, Open source OS are not just little complicated but TOO complicated for average computer users or newbies! My dad (whom I am teaching computer these days) always find windows a LOT easier than other OS. So I am not surprised that HP has done this.

And it's not just about the UI for average user. But also the support. You can find support for your windows OS at any local computer wala who can solve their problem easily. But this is not true about linux or other OS. So all in all, windows OS is best for an average user or an newbie according to me.
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