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Help me on Selecting a Netbook

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Hi friends,

I thought to buy a Netbook for my by birthday.My budget is 15k-16.5k in that range i have founded the following Models.Please help me to select any one from this or give your suggestions

1,Aspire one (AOD 250 with Dos) 15500
2,Aspire one (AOD 250 with XP) 16500
3,Samsung (ND128 with dos ) 14500
4,Samsung (ND120 with led backlight) 16500

I thought to buy Aspire one because of Acer i dont know about samsung netbooks is samsung is good for Netbooks? because they are giving more features for 16.5 k

Dell ,Asus,HP,compaq are coming nearly 20k so i dropped that.
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