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Net Book for Internet Cafe


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I am planning to start Internet Cafe in my City. I have some Desktop PC's and 2 Printers right now.
However because of Electricity Problem, I thought that It would be nice if I use NetBooks because they are power effective and have long battery life. So I am planning to buy about 5 net books.
1. Screen Size should be 11" to 12" but 10" will also do
2. We use only Windows XP, Linux won't do good.

So plzz suggest me some good netbooks for the price band of Rs. 12K-16K.


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1st tym hearing Netbooks in internet cafe..
one netbook i can think of is ASUS Eee PC 1005PX.....

otherwise you can also try this option of getting some 5 desktop of arnd 5-6k each.. (2nd hand) and get a UPS along with them..


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Your cafe wont run at all. Do you think people would ever like to pay for browsing in a 10inch screen w/o going to another cafe and browsing there on a 15inch screen.
So, better get a desktop.

* CPU: AMD AthlonII X3 440 -- 3k
* MoBo: Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2P -- 2.1k
* RAM: GSkill/Corsair 2GB DDR3 RAM -- 0.8k
* HDD: WDC Blue/Green 500GB -- 1.7k
* ODD: No required -- 0.0k
* Case: Frontech Case w/ 500W PSU -- 1k
* Monitor: Accer/BENQ 16inch LED -- 4k
* Desket: Zeb. KB + Mouse -- 0.3k
* UPS: Zeb. 600VA UPS -- 1k
Total --- 13.9k
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There are many who go to Internet Cafe for gaming and netbooks are not for that purpose and I don't know how these netbooks will do after a year or so when heavily used and used by different kind of people. Better get desktops or proper gaming notebooks and invest in a good inverter.


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Netbooks for net cafe is really not a good option.
You can get used PCs to set up the cafe, but it depends on you how do see this thing.


People are surely going to complain about the smaller screens so get a desktop like everyone suggested



In the zone
Well I do have some desktops. However Electricity is a major problem here. Sometimes we have powerouts for 5 - 6 hours and during these times we nearly have to blackout everything.

Really do the Netbooks gets broken after extensive of Year or So.
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