1. maverick786us

    Dust Filters

    My CPU case looks like a dust magnet. Every month I have to vaccume it. I searched for dust filters in nehru place, but unable to find it. Does someone knows any good shop in Nehru Place or any other part of delhi where I can find THIS kind dust filters? I will fix them on the rear fan of my CM...
  2. S

    Another i7 Rig Configuration. Need the BLESSINGS :) of our in house experts.

    After a lot of deliberation I have finalized (or rather almost finalized) the configuration. Looking forward to comments from all. Much of my decisions were made by reading the thread of ArnabBoss's 80,000/- Rig and the i7 rig at Q&A. This baby is coming to around 90,000/-. Guys I cant go any...
  3. A

    Suggestion for 3 Computers

    Hi Folks, I wanna buy 2 HTPC(slim PC's) for Official Use with 28k budget Each and One Gaming PC within 35-40K. For HTPC I have thought Following :- Cabinet : Zebronics Dhoom/Chotu Processor : Core 2 Duo 2.4 ghz Ram : Kingston 2GB DDR2 800 mhz Rs.1000 Nehru Place HDD : 160 GB SATA Motherboard ...
  4. pushkar

    16 gb pen drive

    In this month's Digit, they have reviewed Corsair Voyager 16 GB. The price is Rs. 2,200/-. It is very good value for money. I am thinking of buying it. Can anyone tell me where it is available in Delhi. I know there is Nehru Place, but I wasn't able to find it there. I didn't look in all the...
  5. M

    Request suggestion for a 22" monitor

    Request inputs for 22" monitor. I am in Delhi. -By the way I was very impressed by DELL SP2208 but unfortunately it is no longer available from DELL. Not sure if I get it in Nehru Place. 2ms with 2000:1 + 3 yr replacement warranty seemed to be good. :( Does anybody knows if its available in...
  6. A

    good shop in delhi

    Hi All, I heard a lot about Nehru place but when I searched there for Altec lansing speakers, most of the vendors were having only low-end systems. So can anybody tell me where I can find altec lansing hi-end audio systems in delhi? Some vendors at nehru place have not heard about FX-4021...
  7. A

    decent 2.1 speaker system within 4k - 5k

    Hi guyz, I am looking for a decent 2.1 speaker system mainly for music. I also play games sometimes. Earlier I searched for altec lansing fx4021 but could not find it at nehru place, Delhi. So please suggest me a 2.1 speaker system within 4-5k and which is also available in delhi.
  8. W

    Nehru Place Prices LATEST

    Hi guys, I had gone to do a tft lcd survey and this is what i found at Nehru Place All MONITORS are 19'' SAMSUNG 1. Syncmaster 920NW 8490 2. Syncmaster 943NWX 8740 BENQ 1. Multimedia 7990 2. One with DVI port 8290...
  9. mavihs

    October Delhi Crossover Meet + Buyout

    The motive is to get the best deal for your hardware purchases by clubbing orders i.e. a buyout from NP. i.e. if we plan on buying several products together, we are bound to get a better deal. Proposed details: Venue: Nehru Place Date: To be Decided Time: To be Decided How about meeting last...
  10. harryneopotter

    Nehru Place open on sunday ??

    Hi guys ...i want to ask if any one of u knows that Nehru Place market is open on sundays ?? I have to buy some misc stuff like UPS and headphone. If any one have u ever shopped on sundays ...Does SMC international opens on sunday ? AFAIK it DOES. Plz confirm if u can.
  11. N

    a good shop in delhi nehru place

    friends tell me some good shop in nehru place.
  12. Kniwor

    Calling all Delhi Techies....

    ok guys, Here's the deal, how about all the interested techies in Delhi meet up at Nehru Place for a buyout/meet, we can discuss technology and buy stuff at discounted rates, and sip a coffee or maybe just chill around, trying to coordinate with ppl on another tech forum too (TE) and...
  13. asingh

    UPS suggestion

    Hi, This is a great forum..just joined in today. Need suggestions for a good UPS. Am from Delhi -- so will pick it up from Nehru Place. thanks and regards, asingh
  14. bajaj151

    Queries:TV Tuner,Ram,DVD-RW

    1) Is Pinnacle 110i have - All the features available in market (Connect Dish TV..) - Vista Ready What is Analog & Digital Signal (In Tv Tuner Cards) If there is any other Pinnacle Card...which is better than this... Suggest me with approx price (Nehru Place)...
  15. H

    Nehru Place, any good dealers??

    Hii guys!! I'll be going to Nehru Place to check out my graphics card and psu. I don't exactly know a dealer there so wanna suggest some good dealers to me???
  16. saurabh kakkar

    Where to buy in Nehru place (Delhi)?

    Hi My brother is planning to buy an assembled PC So we will be going to Nehru place to buy the components and get it assembled there . Can u tell me How is computer Empire and Cost to cost for this purpose ? Plz suggest me any other reliable shop from where we can buy and get PC...
  17. T

    FS: 160 gb hard disk seagate SATA within warranty

    its a fully functional hard disk , no bad sectors or any other problem selling coz upgraded my hd space... SEAGATE (ST3160812AS) SATA 160 GB SERIAL: 4LS2S708 WARRANTY EXPIRES ON : Expiration 19-Jun-2011 BOUGHT FROM NEHRU PLACE, NEW DELHI Bought on 29/6/06 from nehru place new delhi Price...
  18. Gigacore

    Happy Children's Day!

    For all the kids and for member who still consider them as a KID.. HAPPY CHILDREN's DAY!! THough we dont have much kids here, let us Remember Cha Cha Nehru (Jawaharlal Nehru) on this day.. and respect his contribution.!
  19. sspradhan

    Best shop in Nehru place, New delhi??

    Hey can anybody tell me the best shops in nehru place for buying computer hardware??
  20. bajaj151

    Buying a TV Tuner !!!!

    I am planning to purchase a descent tv tuner card for my desktop... It should be Vista Compatible....n..comes under 2500 /- plz help me I am going to nehru place on coming monday....before that I want to know ......
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