Request suggestion for a 22" monitor

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Request inputs for 22" monitor. I am in Delhi.

-By the way
I was very impressed by DELL SP2208 but unfortunately it is no longer available from DELL. Not sure if I get it in Nehru Place. 2ms with 2000:1 + 3 yr replacement warranty seemed to be good. :(

Does anybody knows if its available in Nehru Place?


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Well no info on that but yes DELL LCDs are good,

u can also check out for Samsung LCDs, they too come with 2ms response time but yes hv lil' less functionalities than the DELL LCDs... :)

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Dell LCDs are not available in Nehru Place mate... I also went to buy the 20" 2008WFP with webcam model...
The dealer said if you buy it from here u'll have to pay double VAT, in the sense that the dealer pays to distributor and I pay once again to the dealer.

So most of the dealers in Nehru Place refain from keeping Dell monitors... He told me to better purchase it directly from Dell website... U can even negotiate the taxes with the Dell ppl and get it for a significantly lower price than a dealer.

Unfortunately 22" monitors were removed from the website a few weeks back! Just a single model is now available. You can also consider going for 20" model if it suits ur needs.

I'll be purchasing the 20" monitor in January...
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