1. Nanducob

    Adding Z to make things cool

    Hi I thought putting Z was only a part of internet behaviour.For example dumb girls appear in my fb newsfeed saying "alwayzzzzzzzz b happy" "letzzzz rock"etc But now in real world i am seeing too many Z. I see bikes named FZ I went near temple,saw a board saying compliments from...
  2. H

    Puppeteer:A platformer by SCE Japan Studio

    Somehow, in spite of this being the only interesting title Sony has produced for a long time, they forgot to hype it and this would have slipped below my radar if not for a long Wikipedia-ing session. Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio. Release Date: 10th September/ 11th...
  3. NitrousNavneet

    Data transfer error

    I brought a new prince of Persia: Ghost of past DvD (orignal in Rs300) and tried to install it but in the half way it was giving me an error named as ""data transfer"" ,, when i closed it the installed files were autometicaly deleted . After that my pc turned slower . And the boot time is...
  4. M

    cant register

    i bought the gta iv and when i was ready to install it i found out that my manual was had the serial code for the offline activation.then i got a patch file from my friend and i installed it too and there i saw the .dll file named "paul" and then i tried it again but it didn't work.if...
  5. R

    How to remove this virus.?

    Whenever i copy files from my friend system using my pendrive, i find a folder named "gaxee" inside which a file named "pobronas.exe" resides. I think its a virus, if not please correct me so. I tried removing it by scanning with norton antivirus 2011 but it is unable to detect. My friend uses...
  6. shiwa436

    Need Help with these type of Viruses

    Hi guys, In my my system there are some .exe files, which cannot be deleted. They are not even detected by SUPERAntiSpywarePro antivirus. They are named as jfhlc.exe, jjuffe.exe Help me how to delete them....
  7. Prince Sinha

    CD/DVD drive

    Recently, I encounter a problem.The problem is with the driver of my DVD drive. The problems are as follows:- 1.After inserting any CD or DVD it doesn't automatically auto play even after enabling auto play from the property option. 2.Suppose at first, I...
  8. rakz

    Help in group edit policy

    How to prevent other users from using removable driver and other security option via Group editor policy. I have 2 accounts. One is named ADMIN and the other as USER. How to change these setting for the user named USER. Its a limited account,so the GPE is not accessible in that account. Tell me...
  9. sujeet2555

    invisible folder

    hi i have asus M3A78-EM board ,amd phenom x4 ,onboard ATI Radeon™ HD 3200 with window xp sp2. there was a folder named "A" (as i was arranging files in Alphabetically order) in a directory.after some day the folder wasn't there.i don't remember deleting it.but when wanted to make a new folder...
  10. themadman

    Tell the story Game

    Its very simple. Read the post above you and continue the story. Rules Each person only post one small sentence. Please keep it clean. Here I go. Once upon a time there was a hot girl named sweetie.
  11. Chandal

    Why Is A Generator Is Named Generator

    I think a generator only converts energy of one form to another i.e. mechanical energy of the armature to electrical energy giving rise to current. It doesn't generate energy, it just converts energy. It should be named an Energy Converter. What do you say?8-)8-)
  12. T

    realy big problem

    i hided my folder in d drive named asd with a hiding software (i fogot its name) now the problem is that i reinstalled my windows and that software was installe din c drive now i m not able to find my folder named asd what can i do to recover it i have another problem whenever i m running a...
  13. S

    Intel's Nehalem will be launched on November 17th

    Main Source
  14. PhB

    How do you delete a directory named "."?

    My pc has a small fat partition F:\ Now theres a directory inside this partition named "ab". This directory has got a subdirectory named "." . My problem is I can't delete this directory nor its parent. Is there any way to delete it either in linux or windows? Rmdir cmd doesn't work. I use WinXP...
  15. hjpotter92

    Digital Macro

    I only had one query related to my digicam.... I own Canon IXUS 70 camera, and it has an option named digital macro. What does it do. On selecting it, the focus gets disturbed. What is its use?
  16. Plasma_Snake

    Devil May Cry 4 Discussion Thread

    Yes that's what we are here to do. I finished the game last night and it was awesome! Not going to give spoilers but tell you just the following stuff: Initially you play as Nero,the son of Vergil but after level 11 you get to get your hands dirty with Dante. As mentioned above first 11 levels...
  17. cooldude666666

    Help me get this FreeBSD image in ma head...

    Recently I started downloading FreeBSD images on my GOD-forbid GPRS!!!!! Anyways, I'm unable to get what the images named "7.0-RELEASE-i386-livefs.iso" and "7.0-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso" are for? Can anyone explain?
  18. N

    Problem with my new comp. Need help identifying problem

    I recently bought a new motherboard, cpu, and memory. having done this quite a bit, I figured everything would go something. How stupid of me to assume nothing would go wrong. Anyway, here is the problem. I have a pentium core 2 duo E8400 on a Biostar GF7050V-M7 (I was on a budget, so I got...
  19. praka123

    Ubuntu to rename top level directories?

    Ubuntu to rename top level directories The usability experts of Ubuntu have finally started to handle the single most mentioned usability issue with Linux: the top level directory names. Quoting Finn C. Tional from the Ubuntu Usability Group: It's one of the mysteries of Unix that the...
  20. raksrules

    Nokia 6630 - Is it a Virus ???

    My brother has a nokia 6630 phone. Yesterday when browsing the file system using FE Explorer, i noticed that at many places on my memory card there are .exe files created. Like i the sounds folder apart from the default "Digital" and "Simple" folders, there is another folder that i had created...
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