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  1. I

    Multi Grooming Kit

    Hello everyone. :wave: I am very keen on purchasing an appropriate multi grooming kit, which will serve the purpose of hair removal/trim; primarily on the chest, from the armpits and importantly, below the hip (if you catch my drift!). :blush: :sealed: I have looked at the Philips QG3387/15...
  2. SaiyanGoku

    Multi Tool Kit

    So, I wanted to buy a handy multi tool kit like the swiss army knife but I'm confused after seeing 10+ versions from Victorinox itself. Are there any other manufactures who offer same or better quality than Victorinox? Need 15+ tools of daily use like knife (duh :P ), scissors, can opener...
  3. P

    Multi colour lighting pc

    I currently have a new pc and wanted to know how to set up multi coloured LEDs I have so far only seen bitfendix alchemy led strips But I want something like this . I want it to be colour changeable much like the alienfx on dell's alienware system's. Can anybody help me please?
  4. mati17

    Photo Copier Or Multi Function Printer

    Dear Forum, I am planning to start a Mobile Shoppe. I also want to give "Xerox" facility @ my shoppe. But I am not sure about photostat biz will be successful or not. So, I want to know are there any "Entry Level" Photocopier Machines available in the Market (Price Range :10K to 15K) because...
  5. Akintex

    Need info about hp pavilion 15 b003tu

    Need info about hp pavilion 15- b003tu. Laptop. It has 1.5 ghz intel 987 cpu Is it good for multi tasking ? multi tab browsing.? And I will use android dev program eg environment eclips. And some image editing app photosop cs5? Pls suggest me.:confused:
  6. theserpent

    Introducing Nokia 900

    Nokia today announced that they are working on an Android Phone,The Nokia 900. It will be available in Q3/Q4.For a price range of 450+$. It will run Android 4.2/5, feature a quad core, a 2 gig ram and the same camera as the pure view. He also showed the tile feature of the android phone, you can...
  7. B

    Multi Monitor Setup Feasibility and Cost Analysis.

    I have been reading about multi monitor setups, and i would like to know the following: 1. Which is more feasible in India, a 3 monitor or a 6 monitor setup? 2. How much would it cost (keeping in mind full hd resolution of each monitor)? 3. Are there special monitors for this purpose, or we...
  8. Y

    Multi door refrigerator

    I am looking for some information on multi door refrigerator to buy for my household? Anyone using them and how do they perform?:razz:
  9. R

    Printer Needed ~ 6 k

    I Want Monochrome Laser printer Without Multi Functions under 6k ..Suggest ???
  10. sam9953

    Portable DVD Player (multi - Purpose) Carrying Case

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Toshiba Portable DVD player case (multi purpose) I sold my portable DVD player but did not sell this bag, It has a 12 Inch diagonal length. Can be used for keeping several devices like tablets, laptops etc Expected Price: Rs 400/- Time...
  11. N

    Multi Split Air Conditioener?

    I just saw on a website that there are MULTI SPLIT ACs that have only one outdoor unit and 2 indoor units. So you basically get 2 ac s, at less price, and it is more energy efficient. I heard somewhere that panasonic, general, blue star, are good ac manufacturers. So anyone have any idea about...
  12. C

    Multi Monitor Set up

    Hi All, I need advice regarding setting up multi monitor set up from senior members; 1. Number of Monitors : 3 + 1 laptop ( I already have laptop just wants to connect in given system) I need advice regarding main hardware only: 1. Proccy 2. Cards 3. cooling system 4...
  13. patkim

    bluay dvd players..need info

    I was exploring blyray DVD players. While may other usual DVD players have multi channel audio out, the bluray players only had L+R out. If so then how to get multi channel audio e.g. 5.1 when conventional DVDs are played? Is all channel's audio thru HDMI, if yes then how & where to connect...
  14. bajaj151

    Suggest : Multi plug Extension

    I am currently using 2*LOCAL Multi plug extension having five 3pin socket (2 sockets not working) :( I need more sockets... What should I do... 1) Buy: Buy Belkin F9E800Zb2M-Gry 8-Out Surge Protector at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews 2) Ask...
  15. C

    wireless multi function printer for <10k

    I am looking for a good wireless multi function(print/scan/copy) printer for <10k. hp is preferable because of their eprint service
  16. A

    Multi-Boot Live DVD

    I want to make a multi boot live DVD containing the following OSes: Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit Linux Mint 9 Isadora Backtrack 4 By Multi boot Live DVD i mean that i should be able to boot into any of them without prior installation (similar to a live CD) So, how do i proceed with it?
  17. P

    Can we use VB and Access for multiple usr application

    Team, Plz help me out!! I want to design a small software for my friends firm (consisting of 6 people max). Can i use VB 6.0 and MS Access to develop an application as multi user application. I guess i need to go for SQL.. i'm thinking for Access since that application is not big...just three...
  18. R

    Problem with Super Multi LG: HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N

    Hi, Guys, I've a LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N optical drive called "Super Multi" Brand Is there anyone out there to help me with my DVD writer. Not burning dvds since I bought on 01 Jan 2008. The Pros: 1. It reads most of the DVDs except few digit DVDs. 2. It reads well all sorts of CDs. 3.It...
  19. vinyasmusic

    How to create a multi boot dvd

    Hi guys ... I want to put Open Solaris, Ubuntu 9.04 , Fedora 11 and RHEL5 on a single dvd i can get d fedora out if needed .... Plz can any1 help! i have all the live cd's iso image ... wanna have them in asingle dvd and as multi boot ... so i can carry dem easily
  20. S

    Multi touch function in windows 7

    how can i use multi touch function of windows 7 on any LCD or CRT monitor?:p
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