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Multi Monitor Setup Feasibility and Cost Analysis.


Broken In
I have been reading about multi monitor setups, and i would like to know the following:

1. Which is more feasible in India, a 3 monitor or a 6 monitor setup?
2. How much would it cost (keeping in mind full hd resolution of each monitor)?
3. Are there special monitors for this purpose, or we can just choose any thin bezel regular led monitor?
4.Suggestion for purchasing online in India.(Monitors + frame)

It would be greatly appreciated if a Buying Guide or FAQ link is given, so that i can sort my doubts.


Hardcore Gamer
1. its your decision when it is gaming like Racing (nfs series) 3 is enough
2. many of the forum members suggest to go for the amd gfx because its memory is higher than Nvidia (suggesting HD 7950)
3. i dont suggest this model but take a look at Dell U3011
4. more sites are available like smc,flipkart etc.,


LG Expert
1. Generally speaking, it would be easy to set up either 3 or 6 monitors together. There are special brackets that you may purchase. There are also some monitors specifically made for you to link multiples together.
2. Multiple monitors requires lots, and lots of video ram. So get whichever one gives you the most.

The number of monitors as well as the of panel used in the monitors depends entirely on what you will be using this multi-monitor setup for. Is it for gaming? Work? Both?

LG WRman Sherlock, out!
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