1. S

    Need help buying GTX 970

    Hi guys. I am looking forward to get a gtx 970 this weekend. Either ASUS Strix edition or the MSI Gaming 4G edition. So, please suggest where I can buy one of these in Kolkata. Supreme only has the Zotac edition which I don't prefer and they don't have any plans to bring the ASUS or MSI edition...
  2. rhyansy

    MSI India 2X US$20 Steam Wallet Giveaway for 3333 Fans!

    In celebration for 3333 MSI India Notebook fans, we would like to thank all of you for the support! We’re giving away 2 x US$20 worth of Steam Wallet to anyone who will LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE the post. Winner will be selected on December 3, 2014. Good luck everyone! Link...
  3. rhyansy

    India's First MSI GT72 with Nvidia GTX 900 Series Coming Soon

    MSI India Notebook Release! MSI,a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, announces the availability of the critically acclaimed GT72 Dominator Series gaming laptops with NVIDIA’s latest GTX 900M Series graphics. Armed with unprecedented power and an array of...
  4. rhyansy

    MSI GP Leopard Girl Unboxing

    MSI to Launch New Gaming Laptop GP Leopard Series High CP value product. MSI invited The pretty teachers to introduce the new generation of GP Leopard Series, photographers and models show the best side, please take a sit on the couch and enjoy the MSI new gaming laptop. -...
  5. rhyansy

    MSI MB/VGA RMA Announcement (

    I'm posting this message on behalf of MSI India's MB/VGA team. These changes apply ONLY for MSI MB/VGA RMA. This is regarding is the announcement of our new service operation through (Home) in India for MSI Motherboard / Graphic card. Process to claim warranty 1. By toll...
  6. rhyansy

    Fnatic and MSI Promotional Event MSI is pleased to invite Patrik from Fnatic to unbox GE60 with us! Now you have chance to win a Steam wallet card $50 and 3 Steelseries Qck mass mousepad after watching the video! Just simply follow the steps below: 1. Reply this post with one of...
  7. rhyansy

    Computex 2014/ Queen of StarCraft (II) Ga Young Kim at MSI Gaming Notebook Booth

    Kim "Aphrodite" Ga Young, the MSI sponsored world champion of StarCraft (II) from South Korea, is best known for her participation in the female-only tournament Zowie Divina 2011. The beauty showed up at MSI Gaming Laptop booth during the Computex 2014 exhibition. She also recommends the best...
  8. J

    GPU fan controls.

    Okay so I recently got an HD 7850 and it idles at 39-40. And with playing watchdogs/crysis 3 for 3 hours+ it reaches a max temperature of 74, but it mostly stays around 68-71 according to GPU-Z log. Now I tweaked the fan settings using MSI afterburner to this. And now temperature does...
  9. J

    [Praise] MSI GPU RMA ~ 6850 to 7850

    My beloved MSI R6850 bit the dust after two years and I gave it for RMA on 5th may. They took a long time,but to my surprise they gave me a brand new HD 7850 on 4th June. The best part is that I gave them a 1gb version of the R6850. The 7850 they gave me is a 2gb version. :D Very happy with the...
  10. rhyansy

    MSI @Computex 2014 News Release

    MSI COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2014 Online Exhibition MSI COMPUTEX 2014 May 30th, 2014 MSI at High-Tech Fest COMPUTEX TAIPEI Showcasing the Latest and Greatest in Tech [Taipei, Taiwan] COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the annual tech extravaganza, will open its doors again from June 3rd to 7th 2014 at TWTC...
  11. O

    8 pin eps connector for MSI z87 M PowerSp

    [RIGHT] I have vs550 psu and Msi mpower z87 mobo . Problem : VS 550 has only one 8pin eps connector where as MSI motherboard needs 2 X 8pin. I have read that a good connector can save a lot of money. I cannot think of overclocking unless full power is supplied to the motherboard. Can u...
  12. A

    Motherboard Under inr 10,000

    CPU Intel Core - i5-4430 CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper 212X RR-212X-20PM-R1 CPU Cooler GPU - MSI GTX 760 Twin Frozer Gaming Graphic 2GB OC RAM - Corsair Vengeance (2 x 4GB) 1600 MHZ SMPS - Corsair VS650 650 Watts HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB Cabinet - Corsair Carbide Series SPEC 01...
  13. rhyansy

    Introduction of MSI Beat IT 2014 Global

    In this update: • Introduction of MSI Beat IT 2014 • Video trailer & Social Media Promotion • Press Release Introduction of MSI Beat IT 2014 Global MSI Beat It Gaming Tournament, tracing back to 2010, is a world famous gaming tournament hosted by MSI. The vision is to create a...
  14. rhyansy

    2014 GosuGamers presents MSI Beat It GosuCup Asia

    014 GosuGamers presents MSI Beat It GosuCup Asia GosuGamers in collaboration with MSI is proud to announce the return of our series of GosuCups. MSI Beat It GosuCup Asia will cater to teams who are willing to compete in a competitive atmosphere in Asia. Prizes to be won: (1) 1st place ...
  15. R

    will sapphire r9 270x 2gb oc edition work on MSI 990FXA-GD65

    I already own a sapphire r9 270x 2gb oc edition and i also ordered MSI 990FXA-GD65 ....!!!! i read on some sites that their pc wont boot up on r9 270x will there be any compatibility problem ....!!!! waiting in anticipation ...!!! replies are most welcomed Thanx in advance - R0Ck3Rz
  16. rhyansy

    BIS Certification for Re-launching MSI Laptops

    Hello everyone, MSI is one step of re-launching to India. BUT the biggest problem facing now is the BIS certification. Right now, requirements are even tightening that labels must be engraved into the laptop itself! (New norms may make electronics costlier - The Times of India) Aside from...
  17. H

    Gaming laptop under $1500

    Going to buy a high end gaming laptop which should last a couple of years at least. My friend, returning from US this month, would be getting it for me. So, shipping/customs shouldn't be a problem. Budget - $1500 Size - 17'' preferable, but would consider 15" Primary tasks - Hardcore gaming...
  18. rhyansy

    MSI Brand Gaming Laptops: Are they good?

    Hello everyone! Just wondering how techie people think about MSI, manufacturer of Mobo, GPU, gaming laptops and other related electronic products. How are their gaming laptops, especially the GS70, a slim type gaming laptop?
  19. prometheus

    Need Help in Choosing 2nd Laptop | Abroad Purchase | Gaming/Heavy Duty |

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) ~$1200 (excluding ~$70-$90 in taxes) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? +1 if its a 14" screen can do with a 15" too but not certainly bigger than that. Looking for a matte / retina / anti glare / non glossy 3) What are the...
  20. S

    AMD Gaming PC under 60K

    I want to Build a good gamin Rig after a lot of surfing of 2 month's, I decided this build this is my Build Config Processor - AMD FX 8320 (10000) Mother Board - MSI 990FXA-GD65 (9000) GPU - MSI AMD/ATI R7790-2GD5/OC 2 GB GDDR5 (11650) PSU - Corsair VS550 550 Wats (3150) Cabinet - HAF...
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