8 pin eps connector for MSI z87 M PowerSp


New to this forum

I have vs550 psu and Msi mpower z87 mobo .

Problem : VS 550 has only one 8pin eps connector where as MSI motherboard needs 2 X 8pin.
I have read that a good connector can save a lot of money.

I cannot think of overclocking unless full power is supplied to the motherboard.
Can u please help me finding an adapter which can supply the accurate power to another 8 pin.

My configuration :

i5 4670 k
MSI Mpower Sp Z87
Corsair vengence 8gb 1600 mhz
Corsair h100i LC
Saphire Amd/ATI R9 270X OC Toxic 2gb GDDR5
Corsair 500r chassis
Corsair VS 550 PSU
Crucial M500 120 Gb SSD
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