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  1. Baker

    writing mp4 files to DVD so that it can play in player

    Guys i want to write few mp4 files in to DVD and same should be worked on DVD player. so i done the following steps 1: Downloaded DVDflick 2: imported files in sequent order 3: burn the DVD 4: And tried to play from media player and it got worked This DVD was for my parents , so...
  2. L

    Need your Guidance ASAP for converting MP4 to PPEG

    I've been facing this issue for quite a while now. I've got converter software which converts one audio/video format from one to another format. When I convert any movie in MP4 format to MPEG format and play it in my Home DVD player it refuses to play saying no audio. Amazingly if...
  3. A

    Please suggest me a 32inch LED FULL HD TV Budget 35000

    Brand : sony ,panasonic ,samsung ,lg reqrmnts : FULL HD , MKV MP4 support , HDMI Budget Max 35000 Thnnkz In advance :)
  4. M

    Convert mp4 to MIDI

    I have a song in mp4 format that I want to convert to MIDI. Anyone know how it can be done?
  5. ithehappy

    Converting a video from MP4 to MKV?

    I use Handbrake to edit videos, and it does the job great. But now I need something with which I just wanna change a MP4 video to MKV? Just that, nothing else, everything else should be same of the actual MP4, the quality should remain exactly same, how can I do that?
  6. G

    Sound not coming from the videos - urgent?

    Hello, to all of you. I have downloaded some videos from the youtube with IDM, these are in mp4 format, and I also have some videos on computer that are also in mp4 format, actually, whenever I try to play these videos, I can only see the video playing,but not hear any type of sound, some of the...
  7. sandynator

    Custom Duty Applicable for importing Brainwavz M1 IEM From Mp4 Nation

    Guys, I'm planning to grab Brainwavz M1 in offer from Mp4 nation. The final Cost coming around $ 26.02 + Currency conversion charges 3% extra & FREE Shipping WORLDWIDE AIRMAIL WITH TRACKING (10 - 30 DAYS) $0.00 Will there be any Custom duty OR any other charges applicable if I choose Free...
  8. anirbandd

    BluRay Video Conversion load

    Hi all, I re encode a lot of bluray video from mkv to mp4 format for watching on my TV. i use the AVS video Converter. its a pretty good piece of software. it takes about 1hr 20mins to convert a full HD video from mkv to mp4. i keep the resolution and frame rate same, and lower the bitrate to...
  9. sriharsha_madineni

    Nationite SFlo2 Leather Cases(Fits iPhone/iPod touch/Similar sized phones)

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Nationite SFlo2 Leather Cases Nationite - Accessories Nationite S:Flo2 Tri-Pack Leather Cases - fits Apple iPhone 4 [SFLO2_CASE2_tripack] - : MP4 Nation!, :: Low Priced MP4, MP3 Players and the latest scoop on the newest MP4 Player...
  10. Ashis

    Full HD 32" LED TV, Plays Video from HDD; MP4 & MKV!

    Hi all, I am posting after a very long time :) In the mean time I have grown up, so my writing should be a little mature. To the point: I need a TV for Watching HD Channels & Movies. My condition is; the TV should be Full HD LED that can play video from a Harddisk & must play MP3, WMA, MKV &...
  11. R

    how is Philips MP4 player..please suggest

    Hi, I need a PMP with max budget of max 5k. Would prefer if it can play videos too. But at this budget as far as i saw very small screen players are available which i guess wont be good to watch videos So is it better to just go for an audio player.. How is the following player...
  12. Renny

    SPCinternet player?

    Hi, Flipkart.com: SPCinternet 822 8 GB MP4 Player: MP4 Player Checked out this player for Rs. 2981 at Flipkart, I've never heard of the above company, how good is it? Would purchasing this be wise?
  13. Faun

    Headphones, earphones news and discussion thread

    Brainwavz M4 going on pre order today :smile: As told by Raz http://www.mp4nation.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=23017&start=45 Pre Order M4 BRAINWAVZ M4 IEM Earphones - PREORDER [BWAVZ-M4] - $49.50 : MP4 Nation!, :: Low Priced MP4, MP3 Players and the latest scoop on the newest MP4 Player
  14. jkultimate

    Need a tablet or MP4 player under 15K

    One of my Friend want a new tablet or Mp4 player, mainly for viewing his videos,pictures and songs. And a lil bit gaming..! He want to carry it around. Need a large screen Which is best suited for him? Tablet or Mp4 ? Must be under 15K.
  15. avichandana20000

    movie playing in SONY LED

    my boss is having SONY KDL-26EX420, 26 (66 cm), 16:9 LED. He wants to play mp4 movies from usb stick inserting it into USB port of the TV. How will he be able to do that.? Does the TV supports MP4 OR MKV files to be played?
  16. K

    convert mp4 to playable dvd format

    hey guys . . . I have a problem. . I have a video file in mp4 format . Now i want to convert it into a format that can run on a generic local dvd player. Please tell me codec in which i have to convert file or give software's name by which i can convert it. Please guys give feedback. Thanx in...
  17. N

    converting HD Mkv video format into mp4 format

    hello friends, while converting mkv HD vifeo formats in to mp4 video format the quality of HD videos also decreases dranatically, kindly suggest such converter which can convert videos withhou any decrease in quality, as only video formats in mpeg and mp4 are playable on my lcd tv. thanks...
  18. a_to_z123

    Join MP4 files without recompression

    Hi guys, I just downloaded a few videos from YouTube which were split into several parts. As you know that YT only offers MP4 as the downloadable format so I now have a bunch of MP4 files. i want to join them into a single file without re-compression or any processing as we do with AVI...
  19. nishant1512

    chinese pmp firmware problem

    hey guys.. need help regarding my mp4 player i bought a chinese mp4 player about 3 years ago n now i m having many problems with its firmware. how to upgrade it a newer version or where can i find the required utilities?? my firmware is ACTS16D-37 3.5.37-001 just tell me how to restore the...
  20. M

    INstalled Nero 7 Ess. but cant make mp4 to video cd-Need Guidance

    Dear, i have installed Nero 7 Essential recently. well, yesterday i have tried to make a video cd from mp4 files, but it shows to upgrade(Download) option. how can i fix this issue please?? hardly waiting yours lovingly mobileman
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