Join MP4 files without recompression


Hi guys,

I just downloaded a few videos from YouTube which were split into several parts. As you know that YT only offers MP4 as the downloadable format so I now have a bunch of MP4 files.

i want to join them into a single file without re-compression or any processing as we do with AVI files in VirtualDub. But the problem is Vdub doesn't support MP4 files and I can't find any other suitable software to do so.

Please guide me in this respect!



I am the master of my Fate.
+1 for boilsoft video supports many formats & with no-reencoding....

@systechsolution: no posting of cracks.....Be ReadY for some trouble


I wish I had this software 5 years ago when I was compiling a disc of all the action scenes from Matrix Trilogy. I ended up using the default Windows Movie Maker and ruined it with re-compression.
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